Do you have a sensory table/bin in your classroom? Do you need ideas and resources to make your sensory table purposeful? Here are some of my favorite Sensory Table Activities For Little Learners.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I love using the sensory table for a fun, engaging, yet purposeful way for little learners to practice academic skills. Using this multi-sensory, hands-on approach to learning, allows students to stay engaged while having open ended learning and discovery.

Changing your sensory table activities has never been easier!! Here are some activities that are monthly or themed for your little learners to practice academic skills with purpose and fun.


Fall sensory bins begin with clean corn kernels from feed store. Print the pumpkin letter cards and add to the bin. Recording sheets can be printed and students can match with cards. Cvc words can be added for differentiation. Perfect fall sensory bin activity for intentionally teaching with purpose and fun.


🍁Fall & Pumpkin 🎃themed sensory activity with my DIY sensory bin! Upper & lowercase letter cards and/or CVC picture cards with recording sheets. ➡️Check for allergies before using corn kernels.🍂Perfect hands-on learning for letter ID and CVC blending practice! ➡️Add in kid tweezers for extra fine-motor muscle practice! 💬Comment if you want the link for this literacy activity or the DIY Sensory Bin/Table! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #handsonlearning #pumpkinseason #teachersoftiktok #teachertok

♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

For more on pumpkins, go to “Pumpkin Activities For Kindergarten“.

Gingerbread Sensory Bin

Start with shredded paper from dollar store in festive colors. Add bells or bows along with fun gingerbread people erasers as manipulatives. Next, put in foam gingerbread people with students names written on them. Finally, edit gingerbread cards with any math, writing, or phonics skill, print and add to sensory bin. Now your little learners can have purposeful practice of any academic skill in a fun and engaging way!!


Let’s make a Gingerbread themed sensory bin!🤎 Use items you have from your classroom or buy inexpensive fillers from DollarTree!➡️I love these editable gingerbread themes task cards!🤎You could add letters, numbers, sight words, addition, subtraction or any skill you wish! These resource also includes optional recording sheets!🙋🏻‍♀️Who wants to check this out? P.S. my husband made this DIY sensory bin and I have the free printable directions available! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #gingerbread #sensorybinideas #handsonlearning

♬ Carol Of The Bells – Lindsey Stirling

Go to “Gingerbread Activities For Little Learners” for more information and activities.


For the perfect winter sensory bin, start with rock salt. Add your manipulatives such as snowmen erasers or snowflakes. Finally, edit and print out your snowy cards with letters, numbers, cvc or sight words or even number sentences. Little learners can pull out a card and fill out the response/recording sheet or write on a dry erase board.


Did someone say a Winter ❄️SNOW❄️Sensory Bin?!🥶 Of course…it’s FAUX snow!☃️ I have been using pool salt in my sensory bin for years and the kids LOVE that it looks like snow, without the wet cold feeling!➡️ Then edit and print out the Snowy cards for your little learners to practice the skills you want or need them to! P.S. What skills would you use this with? #kindergartenchaos #teachertok #januaryactivities #teachingidea #handsonlearning #happynewyear2023

♬ Inspiring Emotional Piano – Metrow Ar

Check out “Winter Activities For Little Learners” for more activities and resources.


February themed Sensory Bin Search activity is fun, engaging and purposeful. Just add flower petals to the bin, print out heart cards and response sheets, and let your little learners practice the skills you choose. This activity is completely editable for the academic skills of your choice.

Check out “February Sensory Bin Task Cards For Little Learners” for more on this activity.

Go to “February Activities For Your Little Learners” for more.

Dental Health

CVC Word Work Dental Health activity resource is a great activity for your sensory bin. Print the cards, laminate, add to the bin. Your students can practice CVC words with this fun hands-on Dental Health activity.

Blog post “Dental Health Themed CVC Word Work” has more information about this activity.

Need more Dental Health activities? Check out “Dental Health Activities For Little Learners“.


Another fun sensory table activity. Fill bin with Easter grass. Then add the spring sight word cards. Little learners then pull out card, read the word and fill out recording sheet. Use tweezers for additional fine motor practice.

Spring Activities to Use in the Classroom” has more activities and information.

Sight Word Eggs

Print out sight words, cut and put into the plastic eggs. Add the eggs to your sensory bin that is filled with Easter grass. Next print this **FREEBIE** recording sheet. Students can open an egg, read the word, and fill out the recording sheet.

Go to “Easter Egg Sight Word Sensory Bin” for more information on this activity.

Spring **FREEBIE**

Here is another fun **FREEBIE** activity for your sensory bin. Write out whatever academic skill your students are practicing, put in the plastic egg, then add the eggs to the sensory bin. Print out the **FREEBIE** recording sheet and your little learners can then fill out after opening the egg. Another fun and purposeful way to practice and learn!

CVC Words

Practicing CVC words with the sensory bin is so much fun for little learners. Just print out the CVC cards and response sheets. Have your students grab a clipboard and fill out sheet after removing card from bin.


Go to post “CVC Word Activities For Kindergarten” for more.

CVC Picture and Word Cards

This activity has endless possibilities!! Includes 60 CVC Picture & Matching Word Cards and 50 CVC Word Only Cards (no picture cards). Hide the laminated cards in the sensory bin and your little learners can practice matching pictures to words. Or they can pick a card and write the word on a white board. More purposeful practice for your students.

Go to post “Teaching and Practicing CVC Words For Little Learners” for more information, resources, and ideas for CVC words.

DIY Sensory Bins

If you need help making your own sensory bin, check out this post. “DIY Sensory Table Bin” for how-to and **FREEBIE**.

Take a look at these posts for more information and ideas for sensory tables/bins.

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