Hi friends! How many of you have a sensory table? Or maybe you want to have one, but don’t know what to do with it. Well today’s post is all about Creating a Purposeful Sensory Table Station. I hope it answers some of your questions and gives you some ideas on how to use it in your classroom!

What is a Sensory Table?

A container filled with substances/materials that encourage exploration and use of a child’s senses…except for taste. It also encourages learning and in a kindergarten classroom, can incorporate academics and specific skills. Here a few options from Amazon. (affiliate link)
Here is a DIY version from A Teaching Momma, that you could make for your classroom.

Have little to no space for a sensory table? Use simple bins with lids to create individual or partner bins. Just make sure that you always have a lid for your bins, so to keep out bugs/critters, as well as keep the materials inside and safe.

What You Need for a Sensory Table Station

What to Teach Students About this Station

What Students Do at the Sensory Table Station

I usually keep the same materials in this station for 2-3 months, since we are still learning letter names and sounds. Students scoop up letters and then color them on their response sheet. I have uppercase and lowercase response sheets, as well as letters. Station can be differentiated by students creating simple words or sight words with the letters. 

I change my station up in January to include white rock salt, to act as ‘snow’ and include my snowy sight words.I also like to change it up around Spring time and add Easter grass and plastic eggs with sight words. I have a free sight word recording sheet to go with this too. You can read about it here and download the free recording sheet.

My sensory bin is strictly for my literacy stations rotations, but I am sure you could use it for math as well. Do you have ideas that you use for your sensory bins? I would love to hear about them. Please leave a comment or find me on my social media channels and leave a note!!

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2 Responses

  1. I change my sensory table every week or at least every 2! It is the highlight of my classroom!

    -Shells and magnifying glasses
    -Colored rice or any substance with balance scales.
    -tweezers, Pom Poms and colored cups or tubes for sorting
    -homemade kinetic sand and dinosaurs
    -ice blocks with arctic animals inside. Use pipettes and droppers to melt ice with warm water
    -colored soapy bubbles using dish soap
    – wand magnets with magnet and nonmagmetic items inside
    -colored beans with clear pvc pipes and funnels

    1. Ooh…thank you so much for stopping by and giving some extra ideas for sensory table tools and fun items!

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