Winter is a time for snow, ice and cold temperatures. Where I live, we rarely get snow, however, I love having Winter Activities For Little Learners to teach, reinforce and practice the academic skills we are learning.

Whether you plan ahead for the whole winter season or plan as you go, here are a variety of winter activities for your little learners. Literacy and math activities that are engaging and purposeful are a must in the kindergarten classroom.


Sight Word Search

Snowy Winter Themed Sight Word Search activity can be used in a variety of ways. An effective and engaging hands-on activity that is perfect for your Sensory Table or bin. Be it small group, partners or individual practice, this activity is fun, engaging and purposeful. Includes 50 sight word cards, editable cards to add your own words and 4 different response/recording sheets. Just download and print for easy, low-prep Winter Activities For Little Learners.


Did someone say a Winter ❄️SNOW❄️Sensory Bin?!🥶 Of course…it’s FAUX snow!☃️ I have been using pool salt in my sensory bin for years and the kids LOVE that it looks like snow, without the wet cold feeling!➡️ Then edit and print out the Snowy cards for your little learners to practice the skills you want or need them to! P.S. What skills would you use this with? #kindergartenchaos #teachertok #januaryactivities #teachingidea #handsonlearning #happynewyear2023

♬ Inspiring Emotional Piano – Metrow Ar

Do you want more information on Sensory Tables? Check out this post “Sensory Table & Bin Ideas for Kindergarten” information and ideas.

CVC Phonics Game

Need a fun winter snowflake CVC Phonics game? Practicing beginning and ending sounds as well as CVC words is simple, fun, and effective with this matching phonics activity. Can be completed with a small group, partners, or independently.

What’s Included:

First or Last Name Snowman

Last name practice is an activity that is usually done after the winter break. Name snowman is a fun and engaging way to learn and practice this kindergarten skill, yet is also simple, easy and low-prep. Just download and print for this meaningful activity.

Click here for PREVIEW.


I start with Last Name identification and writing practice after Winter Break and THIS is the perfect activity! Comment if you are interestrd in this! And let me know what skills you work on after the break! #kindergartenchaos #teacher #littlelearners #teachersoftiktok #iteachk #teachertok #homeschool #preschoolactivities #education #teach

♬ Do You Want to Build a Snowman? – From “Frozen”/Soundtrack Version – Kristen Bell & Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez

Alphabet Phonics Activity

Little learners will have fun practicing with this winter themed phonics activity. Hands-on practice activity that includes upper and lowercase letter match, as well as, beginning sound matching. Engaging and meaningful winter activity for your kindergarteners.


I love a good pocket chart game and this winter phonics game is so helpful for students who need additional practice with uppercase/lowercase ID and initial sounds! ❄️No pocket chart? No problem! This can be done on the floor! 🙋🏻‍♀️💬Let me know if you agree with active bodies = active learners… #kindergartenchaos #teachertok #littlelearners #teachingidea #teachersoftiktok

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos

Rhyming CVC Words

Not only is this winter mitten themed activity multipurpose, but once it is prepped, it can be used over and over! Rhyming CVC Winter Mittens activity consists of 3 different multi-skill games. Little learners can practice their rhyming skills by matching the 21 rhyming pairs of mittens along with their displayed CVC words or use the pictures if they cannot read yet. Additionally, students can sort cards by middle sounds, or simply read the CVC words. Response sheets are included for these activities.

Do you need more Literacy activities? Go to blog post “Editable Literacy Ideas For Kindergarten“.


Winter Themed I Spy CVC words is a fun **FREEBIE** activity to practice finding and writing CVC words. Add mini magnifying glasses for more fun.

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Digital/Computer Activities


Digital/computer activities are a must if you have a computer station. Boom Cards are an interactive, yet purposeful, digital activity that enables your little learners to practice their literacy skills. (Go to “Computer Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” and “Boom Cards: Everything You Need To Know” for more information.)

Here are some fun and interactive digital activities to practice literacy skills. Perfect for partners, individual practice or fast finishers.

Math Digital Activities


Count and Match

Use this adorable Count & Match Snowman Buttons counting mats, snowflakes and bonus addition mat, in your math stations or morning buckets. Perfect for independent, partner, or small group activity. Focuses on one-to-one correspondence and matching objects to numerals. Can be differentiated by using the higher number mats or adding in the addition mats.


This is purposeful & fun counting practice for little learners! ⛄️Counting mats have numbers 1-30 for differentiation or extension! Perfect for small group, partners or independent practice! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teachersoftiktok #teacher #teachertok #math #homeschool #iteach #kindergarten #littlelearners #teach #education

♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse

Snowman button count and match is included in the year long monthly bundle. Look here for added savings and fun.

Counting Frames

Math counting frames is an essential activity for your little learners. This Winter Counting activity includes 10 and 20 frames to practice counting skills. Also includes snowflake counters 1-20 as well as displayed numeral cards 1-20. Great practice for writing and counting 1-20.


Everyone loves **FREEBIES**!! Mitten Addition game is a fun way to practice addition skills. Simply download and print. Add dice. Then let your kindergarteners roll, add snowflakes to the mittens and fill out the recording sheets with the numbers. Complete the process by adding numbers together to find the sum. Your little learners will have fun adding with this **freebie**.


Have you ever sent a postcard to your students over the winter break? Try sending these Solve and Color postcards to your kindergarteners this year. Not only are these postcards completely editable with your own skills and color code, but your little learners will have fun receiving mail while practicing academic skills with this fun activity.


Have you sent mail to your students before? You could pre-stamp the post cards and send them over Winter Break! Let me know if you want the 1ink to these post cards! #kindergartenchaos #teacher #teachersoftiktok #littlelearners #iteachk #kindergarten #iteach #teachertok #winterbreak2021 #teach

♬ Butter (Holiday Remix) – BTS

Are you wanting more ideas or information for winter activities? Go to posts “The Best Kindergarten Winter Resources” or “Winter STEM Ideas For Your Classroom” for more.

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