We’re onto the next season. It’s time to incorporate it in your classroom. You may not be into planning the whole season at one time, but there are enough winter resources here to help you get as far as you need. I know how important it is to have hands on activities that engage students while helping them learn new skills and practice the ones they have already learned. That may be top on the list, but activities that don’t take you a whole weekend to prep are a plus too, right? I’ve got you covered!

The BEST Winter Resources For Your Kindergarten Students. Engaging activities to help teach new skills and practice current ones.

Kindergarten Winter Resources

Winter Themes

There are quite a few winter themes, so many that I rarely have time for ALL of them. Just in case though, I’m including as many as I have ever taught before! These include:

Winter Math Activities

Winter Counting 10 & 20 Frames

Winter themed hands-on math cards perfect for practicing counting & writing numerals with 10 & 20 frames. Help children, using this winter math activity, with a variety of early math skills while also strengthening fine motor skills, handwriting skills and more.

Snowman Count & Match Mats

A set of Snowman Count and Match mats that include printable buttons. Will help strengthen count and match skills & fine motor skills. Students will match the correct number of buttons or manipulatives to the corresponding number on each snowman.

Winter Mitten Addition

Give your Little Learners extra practice with this fun Winter Math Addition Game. This activity is easy to put into any math work station, including Math by Myself or Math with a Partner.

Gingerbread Making 10

Run, run, run, as fast as you can…catch this fun Gingerbread Man themed math game, before it gets away!

Gingerbread Using Ten Frames

With this Using Ten Frames students will able to practice number ID for numbers 1-30 and 1:1 correspondence for numbers 1-30. Two different ten-frame style cards. One style requires student to count or subitize the number of dots in the ten frames and write the matching number.

Winter Literacy Activities

Last Name Snowman

Are you looking for a fun winter themed literacy activity to help your students learn how to identify and write their name? This EDITABLE names activity can help students focus on their first, last or both names, all while making an adorable snowman!

New Years Goal Writing

Little Learners are never too young to learn how goal setting works and how it can be applied to their lives. After Winter Break, comes all of the New Years Activities…but how about some developmentally appropriate goal setting and writing?!

Winter Literacy Activities

Rhyming CVC Winter Mittens

This winter mitten themed rhyming game is perfect for your literacy centers this season! Not only is it multipurpose, but once you prep it you can use it over and over! Can I hear teacher win? This Rhyming CVC Word activity consists of 3 multi-skill games.

Solve & Color Winter Postcards

Students love receiving things from their teachers and getting mail is extra special. Send your students one of these interactive Solve & Color Postcards during the Winter Break, for a holiday or anytime this winter.

Snowy Sight Word Search

I LOVE having a sensory table in my classroom! It is a great partnership of hands-on learning and purposeful and meaningful activities. I use this seasonal winter snow themed cards as the center of a fun sight word activity.

Winter Alphabet Phonics Activity

This Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow winter-themed phonics activity is perfect for hands-on practice. Phonics practice includes uppercase & lowercase letter match, and beginning sound match. I personally love activities that can be used in multiple ways. Mostly because I can prep once and use multiple times with the same students.

Winter I Spy CVC Words

I Spy Phonics Snowflakes

Check out this winter snow flake CVC Phonics game with beginning and ending sounds, as well as CVC words. Simple, yet fun matching activity to be completed independently, with a partner, or in a small groups.

Penguin Informational Writing

I use Penguins to launch our Informational Writing unit. My students are eager to learn about them and they are simple to write about. I take my students (whole-group) through the entire Informational Writing process, including brainstorming ideas in the circle map; adding details to the tree map and then using those organizers to write the final draft.

Gingerbread CVC Game

Use this Gingerbread themed CVC game in a variety of ways, including whole-group, small group, partners, or individual. This can be used in the pocket chart or as an individual station game or activity.

Winter Digital Resources

Winter Decomposing Numbers 1-10
Snow Monster CVC Spelling
Snowman Sight Words
Hot Cocoa Simple Addition 1-10
Snow Globe Addition 1-5

More Winter Ideas For Kindergarten Classroom

Gingerbread Ideas For The Classroom

Winter STEM Ideas For The Classroom

More Snowman & Snow Activities For Kindergarten

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