Engaging literacy activities for kindergarten is imperative. As teachers we are always looking for better, more interactive, and more economical activities for our little learners. Here are some literacy activities that are completely editable. Just add the literacy items of your choice and download. Easy, Peasy!!!

Some of the best EDITABLE Literacy Ideas for your Kindergarten classroom and literacy stations. Your students will love these!

Fine Motor Skills/Playdough

From the first day on, playdough is a staple in my classroom. I created these completely editable playdough mats for your little learners.

Names are the first literacy activity we do in kindergarten. Every student has one and most can identify their name in writing. This is an activity that combines fine motor skills, fun, and literacy all in one. Great for the first week of school. These are completely editable for your students names. See post “4 Name Activities Perfect For Little Learners From TikTok” for more name activities for your kindergarteners.

Another playdough hands-on activity for literacy are these Sight Word Playdough Mats. Included are 50 sight word mats and 8 EDITABLE mats. You can add words or sentences of your choice for your little learners. Research has shown that children learn best when they are using multiple modalities to practice skills. This is one such activity. Your kiddos will love this.


Hands-On learning is the best way for little learners to practice what they have been learning! These high-frequency Playdough mats include a decodable sentence and offer a place for students to write their own. I also included an editable mat to add your own words and sentences. 🤩 Would you use these in your classroom? #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #handsonlearning

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Check out post “Purposeful Playdough For Little Learners” for more information and homemade playdough recipe.

Sight Word Activities

Do you need a completely editable sight word activity for your kindergarteners? An activity that is fun, engaging, yet has the sight words your class in currently working on? These hidden sight word hunts are a favorite among little learners. Just download, add your own sight words, print, and let your students find the words and record on included sheet. Use a mini magnifying glass to search for the 10 hidden sight words is an added fun factor your students will ask for again and again. This year long bundle has 40 different themes for you to use as a weekly literacy activity.


This activity is editable, so type in letters and have your little learners use their mini magnifying glasses to find & write those letters! #kindergarten #iteachk #literacy #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

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Need more sight word activities? Check out blog post “Fun Sight Word Activities For Kindergarten“.

Punch Cards

Research has shown that students who use different modalities while learning new skills and concepts retain the information at a much higher rate than those who do not practice with different methods. Here is another engaging yet multi purposeful activity to practice literacy skills. Most kindergarteners have never used a hole punch before, so this is a new and exciting activity that they will enjoy while reinforcing sight word recognition. 50 sight words are included but this is editable so you can add your own. Just print cards, have students highlight word, then use hole punch to punch out word. Not only is this honing fine motor skills, but also perfect for your small group, station, individual or early finisher practice.

Do you like the punch card activities? Here is a bundle of punch card activities for multiple academic skills.

Color By Code

Here is another completely editable activity for not only literacy, but other skills as well. Your kindergarteners will love this coloring activity!! Use for whole group, small group, center, or individual practice activity. Just add the skill you want, edit the color code and Voila!! you have a low-prep, engaging and meaningful activity for your little learners that can be used all year long.


Have you tried Color by Code yet? 🤩I created this year-long pack to be editable, so you can add whatever skills you want!🎉For instance, maybe you want to just focus on numbers 1-5 or just the letters f,t and b. You can do that. This makes this activity intentional and purposeful, but of course it is also fun!❓What skills would you add the first few weeks of school? And interested in this…💬 ⏬ Welcome 2022/2023 school year! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk backtoschool2022 #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie

Need more ideas for this activity? Go to post “Color By Code” for more information.


Need another game/activity for your small group practice? Here is an activity that includes sight words, as well as other skills, and is editable for the skills you are teaching, Little learners love playing games while they are learning or reinforcing those skills. This is low prep and your students will love this multi purpose activity.

Would you like more information on using Jenga games in your classroom? Check post “Tumbling Towers Jenga Games for the Classroom” for more.

How about a game that you can use in stations, in small groups and to send home? This game activity pack has EVERYTHING you need!! It has a game board and game cards for letter ID, sight high-frequency words, CVC pictures, decodable sentences, and and editable page for you to add your own skills. Your kindergarten students will love this game while practicing their phonics!!

Check out post “Versatile Learning Games Your Kindergarteners Will Love” for more.

Winter Name Activity

After winter break is when I usually start introducing and teaching last names for my kindergarteners. This snowman name activity is fun and engaging for identifying and practicing last names. Since this is completely editable for your students names, it is an easy, low prep activity for your class. Just download, add your students names, print, and go!!!

Character and Setting Cards

Use these story element cards to teach about characters and settings to beginning writers. You can use the cards provided as well as edit and add your own. These are a must have for your literacy station!! Check out post “Character & Setting Cards for Beginning Writers” for more ideas.

I hope this gave you some activities and ideas you can use in your kindergarten classroom. Since these are editable, you can use these with the skills your students are currently working on. These can be changed and used over and over. Economical!!

Plus, check out our favorite Alphabet and Literacy inspired books!

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