Spare time doesn’t usually come in buckets and buckets around here but when I do have a few extra minutes, there are a few things I enjoy doing most: spending time with my family, wandering around Target or the dollar store searching for finds for my classroom (like this one) or browsing Pinterest for teacher hacks. I LOVE Teacher  Hacks. They are like little snippets of genius, excitement inducing information. I am excited to share one of my favorite Easter Egg Sight Word activity with you!

Easter Egg Sensory Bin Attempt One

I first used this Easter Egg Sensory Bin in my classroom last year. I used letter tiles to form sight words and put them inside plastic Easter eggs. Unfortunately some of my kids wouldn’t follow the rules and procedures for this activity. It ended up that the letter tiles would be scattered around the sensory table or even on the floor, everywhere but inside the eggs where they belonged. I found myself constantly redoing the Easter eggs, putting the correct tiles back in, constantly fixing the activity. Clearly not the best use of my limited time that I do have! So I had to come up with a new way to do this activity that had little to no prep each time.

Easter Egg Sensory Bin Teacher Hack

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Easter Eggs 
Avery Labels
Easter Basket Grass 
Sensory Table or Bin 
Printable Sight Word Recording Sheet

Simple Set Up: 

I used the Avery Labels sheets to print sight words on the sticky labels. I then put one label in each Easter egg. The number of eggs you use is up to you. I added Easter basket grass to fill the sensory table and ‘scrambled’ the eggs up in the grass {Pun Intended}. Then I gave each one of the kids a clipboard with a blank Sight Word Recording Sheet and they had their pencils.They could find the egg and open it to find the sight word. They could read it and then record it on the recording sheet. I asked them then to close the egg back up and mix it back up in the Easter grass. They particularly loved that step.

Teacher Hack: Sight Word Eggs the Easy Way

As you can imagine, using the Avery Labels was so much easier than using the letter tiles! This has become one of our favorite activities but these Spring Activities are also super fun!

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