December is right around the corner and I love All Things Gingerbread for this month! Do you need some Gingerbread Activities For Little Learners? Here are some of my favorites that are not only fun but purposeful and intentional.

Gingerbread Activities For Little Learners Bundle

Here is the perfect bundle for your gingerbread theme for the month of December. Literacy and math are both included. Not only is this an easy, low prep download, but can be used for small group, partners and individual practice.

What’s Included:

•Letter Match Cards (Matching upper & lower case letters)

•CVC Cards (12 cards)

•Rhyming Puzzles (6 puzzles)

•Gingerbread Sequencing

•Label a Gingerbread

•My Gingerbread Person (All About writing)

•Gingerbread Trap

•How to Catch a Gingerbread Person

•Gingerbread Items Book

•Color by Number 0-5

•Color by Number 5-10

•Gingerbread Graphing

•Gingerbread Ten Frame Counting Book 1-10


This Gingerbread CVC phonics game is a fun and interactive activity that can be used for pocket chart activity, literacy center, small group, or individual practice. Includes Gingerbread house picture cards, Gingerbread man word cards, game boards as well as response sheets. Your kindergarteners will love this activity while learning and practicing CVC skills.


Whether you have 1 or 2 weeks left before Winter Break, this CVC activity is perfect as a whole-group, small-group, partner or even independent practice game!♥️And watch my former students actively participate in this game! #kindergartenchaos #decemberactivities #handsonlearning #littlelearners #kindergarten

♬ Carol Of The Bells – Lindsey Stirling

Do you need more literacy activities and ideas? Go to “Editable Literacy Ideas For Kindergarten“.


Classrooms are not complete without a variety of informational along with non-informational books available for the students. Here is a few of my favorites for my month-long Gingerbread theme.

Check out these books as well as other Gingerbread items at my Amazon Store.

Math Activities

Count and Match Gingerbread Houses activity is perfect for your morning buckets, math station, small groups, partners or individual practice. Your students will love the colorful houses and have fun with the peppermint counters. Another low prep, easy, downloadable activity for your little learners.

What’s Included:

Digital Count and Match

Having a computer station to teach and practice math is a bonus. Gingerbread House Count and Match Boom Cards are perfect for your little learners and the computer station.

Do you need more information on Boom Cards or computer stations? Check out these post for more ideas and information. “Boom Cards: Everything You Need To Know” and “Computer Station in the Kindergarten Classroom“.

Gingerbread Activities For Little Learners Using Ten Frames

Practicing number ID for numbers 1-30 and 1:1 correspondence for numbers 1-30 with this activity is fun and purposeful! Gingerbread-themed Count & Write Cards as well as Count & Show Cards are included. Not only does this game offer number ID and correspondence skill practice, but also helps kindergarteners practice number writing.

Making Ten With Gingerbread Man Cookies

Making 10 is fun with this Gingerbread Man Cookies game. Students can play this meaningful game several different ways all while practicing “making ten”. Cookie tray cards with amounts 0-10, printable cookies, recording/response sheets, and pretend trays are all included in this downloadable activity. Both you and your little learners will love this engaging and purposeful math activity.

**FREEBIE** Ordering Numbers

Does your little learners need hands-on practice with ordering numbers? This engaging **FREEBIE** includes numbers 1-5, 1-10, 1-12 & 1-20. Another amazing intentional, purposeful as well as fun **FREEBIE** activity from Kindergarten Chaos!!


Does your Little Learner need hands-on practice with ordering numbers? This has numbers 1-5, 1-10, 1-12 & 1-20! I would love to know how you would use this with your Little Learners! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teachersoftiktok #teach #littlelearners #kindergarten #education #homeschool #teachertok #teacher #gingerbreadman #counting

♬ Dance with Me Tonight – Olly Murs

Gingerbread Oven Activity

Your little learners will love this engaging way to practice adding. Just take a piece of construction paper and cut out a rectangle. Laminate, fold, tape and hang on anchor chart, white board or for individual use. Use cut out gingerbread men and create addition, subtraction, or story problems. Another amazing purposeful idea from Kindergarten Chaos.


Here is a FREE and easy idea to practice any beginning math skill! ➡️Create a DIY ‘oven’ with construction paper and lamination and use die cuts or manipulatives to demonstrate numbers, addition, subtraction, etc.🤩What other ways can you think of using this?!🤎 #kindergartenchaos #teachingidea #handsonlearning #littlelearners #gingerbread #decemberactivities

♬ Sugar Plum Fairy – Simon Holland

School Gingerbread Hunt Activity

Have you ever had a Gingerbread Man Hunt throughout your school? This is one of the activities we do at the end of the day before Winter Break. Students love this fun activity!!

What’s Included:

Gingerbread Houses

My favorite part of Gingerbread season is the construction of Gingerbread Houses. Not only is this a fun activity to end the semester before winter break, but it is so much fun watching the kinders create their houses. Having the grown-ups help with providing supplies is imperative. I created this donation request form to make this simple and easy for teachers.

Check out Blog “Gingerbread Houses in the Classroom” for complete description and how-to for this exciting activity.

**FREEBIE** To Go Kit Tags

I made these cute Kit tags for the students that are unable to participate in the Gingerbread House building activity.


Do you make Gingerbread Houses in your classroom? This is a great way to keep the mess to a minimum, but this also makes a great gift for students as well! #kindergartenchaos #gingerbreadhouse #decembertreats

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos

Check out this post for pictures, ideas and how-to for your Gingerbread House Activity!! “Gingerbread Houses in the Classroom

Do you need more GIngerbread ideas? Go to “Gingerbread in the Kindergarten Classroom“.

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