Step by step instructions and material list to build your own sensory table for your classroom. Plus, simple sensory bin ideas!

I have shared my love for the sensory table bin here on my blog, as well as on social media. I have told the story of a student who came to my class, but had already mastered most of the kindergarten skills. Her mom (who was a fellow teacher) was concerned that she may be bored in class and then have behavior issues. Since my classroom has always revolved around hands-on learning and purposeful, yet fun activities, I told her mom to give her a chance to experience Kindergarten. The number one thing that this student wanted to do was to go to the sensory table and just sift the filler through her hands. She absolutely LOVED the feeling. She would be at school early and before the other students and would often ask to come and ‘play’ in the sensory bin. This confirmed to me that ALL little learners need sensory activities, even if they have mastered the expected standards. And while the sensory table bin IS fun, I make sure to always have a meaningful academic activity for students to work on.

You may be considering a sensory table bin for your classroom, students or maybe even your own home. I was lucky enough that my school/admin purchased a heavy-duty sensory bin for my classroom. But now that I have moved on in my career, I do not have one. I browsed my favorite place (Amazon) for one. I found several, but I knew I wanted one with a lid or cover. Most of them were out of my budget, so I decided to ask my husband if he could make me one. The answer was YES and it became a simple Saturday project. Honestly, he is very handy and it took him less than an hour to cut the pvc and put it all together. I shared on my social media pages and SO many teachers and parents were interested in the instructions, so here they are. I hope these directions for a DIY Sensory Table Bin work for you! Please leave a comment if you have any further questions or comments!


(Make sure to purchase slip fittings/elbows, etc. that are NOT threaded)


Time Frame

Step 1:

Cut all of your pieces. Here are the measurements/cuts that we used for my Sensory Table Bin. (You may want to use the marker to mark each measurement, so you know which piece is which, when you are assembling.)

Assemble Together

We did not use any adhesive, as this makes it easy to disassemble and move. But gluing with PVC glue is optional. After cutting, my husband was able to quickly put it all together. This project took less than 1 hour to cut and assemble. Check out the video below of my husband making this DIY Sensory Table Bin happening!

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Need Ideas for using a Sensory Table Bin for Little Learners?

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Purposeful Activities for the Sensory Table Bin

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  1. Thank you for the written instructions! That will be so helpful. I really like your version because it has a lid!, is easy to move around the classroom, and easy to store. Also you can take the bin out and bring it to circle time for demonstrations.

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you love the printed supply and instructions PDF! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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