Do you need ideas and activities to help with Teaching and Practicing CVC Words For Little Learners? Are you struggling with teaching this important literacy skill? Here are some great ways to teach, reinforce and practice CVC words in your pre-k, kindergarten or 1st grade classroom.

Teaching CVC words to little learners begin with EXPLICITLY instructing on which letters are vowels or consonants. This is typically done while learning letters and sounds. Use anchor charts and pocket charts as visuals to teach, practice and reinforce this concept. Little learners MUST have a visual aid in addition to verbal instruction in order to make the intellectual connections. (See post “Ideas For Teaching Letter Identification In Kindergarten“.)

Songs or Chants For Teaching and Practicing CVC Words For Little Learners

Using songs or chants is an effective way to teach about isolating and segmenting CVC words for students. Not only is this intentional, but also fun and interactive for your little learners. I use this cute, catchy song/chant along with arm movements to teach and practice CVC words. Your kinders will love learning with this song.


Use this little song 🎶to focus in on beginning, middle and ending sounds in CVC words!🤩 The actions have always helped my little learners when segmenting and blending or ‘sliding’ these sounds! 💖Have you tried this one yet? Comment what song or chant you would like next…💬 #teachersoftiktok#kindergartenchaos #kindergartenrocks #teachertips #kindergarten

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie


After teaching and practicing this song/chant with your students, now you can put this concept into practice. Grab some whiteboards or this Word Mapping activity for CVC word practice. Using the whiteboards, draw three lines (one for each sound). Next, the student will write the letter of the beginning, middle and ending sound on the corresponding line. If using the Word Mapping activity, little learners will write in the mapping frame the correct letters matching the sounds. Now you have purposeful and effective as well as fun activities to practice CVC words. (These hand-held KleenSlates can be found HERE.)


Replying to @aweller5 What does it look like to slide a CVC word? How about encoding? #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #sor #teachersoftiktok #teachertok

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie


Another fun and purposeful activity for practicing CVC words are with using mini-slinkys. Your kindergarteners will LOVE practicing with this toy!!! Grab some CVC Picture & Word Cards and have your students “stretch” out the words using these fun mini-slinkys. It’s like magic!!!


I shared about mini-slinkies this past weekend and so many of you asked how they are used.?So…I will be sharing a CVC Word series, with LOTS of ideas for whole group, small group and independent practice! ?What do YOU want to know? ?What questions do you have about CVC words or teaching them? Leave your question HERE and I will do my best to answer! ➡️And do you have any other teacher friends you think would be interested in this series?! ?️Tag them to let them know! #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #handsonlearning #kindergartenteacher #teachersoftiktok #kindergarten #phonics #scienceofreading #sor

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie

Do you have a spinning wheel? This is a multi-purposeful prop that is a fun MUST-HAVE for your kindergarten classroom. Just add CVC picture cards to the wheel and have students spin this fun prop. Next, kinders sound out the word and write the letters on the whiteboards or mapping frame. Another fun and effective practice activity from Kindergarten Chaos.

Want more Spinning Wheel ideas? Go to post “Using A Spinning Wheel in the Kindergarten Classroom“.

Check out blog post “Editable Literacy Ideas For Kindergarten” for more ideas and activities.

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