Pocket charts are a mainstay for the kindergarten classroom. They are used for a variety of skills being taught and reinforced by early education teachers. Do you need some meaningful and engaging Pocket Chart Activities For Kindergarteners?

Pocket charts are fun, engaging, purposeful and effective. Kindergarteners love interacting with this educational classroom essential. These can be used for whole group, small group, partners, or even individual practice.

Supplies Needed For Pocket Charts

These supplies are the basics to get started using pocket charts in the classroom.

Activities For Pocket Charts

Environmental Print

Having environmental print available and visible in your kindergarten classroom is a must. Your little learners need to be exposed to and thus be able to recognize familiar print in order to begin reading. (See post “Benefits Of Creating A Print Rich Environment” and “Using Environmental Print in the Classroom” for more information.) Your pocket chart is one way to display environmental print as well as have your students practice their literacy skills. Download this **FREEBIE**.

Don’t forget to have sentence strips available for this amazing activity. Utilizing many different kinds of environmental print helps facilitate building sentences activities as well as beginning reading and writing skills. Pocket charts are purposeful and effective with these activities.


Do you use environmental print with your students? How do you teach concepts of print? #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergarten What questions do you have for me?

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Here are some super fun literacy activities to use with your pocket charts. Your students will love these engaging, purposeful and effective activities. Just download, print and VOILA!! Easy, low-prep pocket chart activities for letter id, beginning sounds, and cvc/sight words. Your little learners can put letters in order, practice beginning sounds or sort. Pocket charts are also a perfect activity for movement which is great for bodies and brains.

Another DIY low-cost activity for pocket cart literacy is to write letters on sentence strips, cut and let your little learners match letters or beginning sounds to picture cards. Another meaningful literacy activity!


Who is ready for another super fun pocket chart activity?!🙋🏻‍♀️But this one is for beginning sounds! Add your alphabet and beginning sound picture cards to a pocket chart. Student(s) can come up and match letters to beginning sound pictures.😍 How else could you use this with your Little Learners?!💬 Don’t forget to save this Tik Tok ➡️ as a reminder of a fun and purposeful way to practice letter ID and beginning sounds! 🏷️Tag a friend you think would LOVE this too! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #tiktokteacher #handsonlearning #kindergartenteacher #teachersoftiktok #learningisfun

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Now for an activity that will show exactly what your students know. This mini book activity is simple, easy, low-prep and allows the student to look at a picture and match the phenome or letter to that picture. Using the pocket chart adds another level of fun to this activity.


So what happens after you’ve taught and practiced a skill with your little learners in a whole group setting? 🤔Little Learners need the opportunity to independently practice and show what they know! 💕And these Mini Phonics books are PERFECT! ✔️Beginning Sound✔️Middle Sound✔️Ending Sound✔️Rhyming✔️Syllables✔️Onset & Rime ➡️It’s all included! 💬How do your students independently practice and show what they have learned? #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #handsonlearning #kindergartenteacher #phonics #learningisfun

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Rhyming and Syllables Activities For Pocket Charts

Here are 2 activities that are perfect for your pocket chart station. Not only can you use this for whole group activities, but also small group, partners or individual practice. Your kindergarteners will learn and practice rhyming and syllable sorting all year long with these.


L Don’t skip out on teaching Rhyming! It’s such an important phonological awareness skill.⭐️Use picture books, an interactive anchor chart, pocket chart sorting, as well as independent practice activities to help teach and provide purposeful practice for your student.🌟And the best part?! 💖I created the Rhyming Kit for Little Learners and it has ALL of this (except the picture books)😉l✋🏼Comment with your favorite way yo pra tice rhyming! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #backtoschool2022

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This winter activity comes with rhyming cards that are specifically for your pocket charts. Have your students practice their rhyming skills with partners or independently with these fun winter mitten cards.

Math Activities

Number activities are so much fun yet purposeful with pocket charts. Just write numbers on sentence strips. Cut and place into the pockets. Remove some of the numbers and have your students place them in order. Fun number practice game!!


Here is another super fun and practically FREE math game! 🤩 Mystery Number! I used to ‘hide’ the numbers when my students were at specials and as soon as they came back in, they would sit down on the carpet and we would play! 🤩 This can also be done with a 100’s chart. You can differentiate and adjust to the needs and amount of students you have. ➡️Save this post as a reminder of a fun math practice idea and/or tag a teacher friend you think would LOVE this! #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergarten #teachertips #learningisfun

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Number and alphabet practice can be so much fun with this “Beat the Clock” game. Just add a pointer and sand timer to your pocket chart station and let your students practice! Kindergarteners love the competition and time limit with this easy, fun and purposeful activity!!


Have you heard of Beat the Clock?🤩 This is a simple, low-prep, practically FREE way to practice letter and/or sound fluency! 💬Let me know if you have used this or if you can think of another way to use this. #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #literacy #learningisfun #teachertips

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Check out “Beat The Clock Game For Kindergarten” for more information and ideas on this exciting game.

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