Kindergarten teachers the world over understand the need to keep students engaged and having fun while learning. Have you ever used a spinning wheel in your kindergarten classroom to teach and reinforce kindergarten concepts and skills? You and your students will have fun and love using this prop for learning.

Finding new tools and props to teach concepts and skills is a kind-of side hobby of mine. When I came across this colorful spinning wheel, I began to think of all the ways this could be used in the kindergarten classroom.

Spinning wheels with dry erase slots can be purchased virtually anywhere games and prizes are sold, but I found mine on Amazon. They usually come with 8-10 slots but I found one with 12. Just make sure the slots are big enough for skill to be seen.

Not only is this spinning wheel colorful and adds to the ambiance of the kindergarten classroom, but it is useful and your little learners will be engaged while spinning and watching this prop at work! Here are some of the ways I have found the spinning wheel to be effective and purposeful.


The spinning wheel can be used to write letters of the alphabet. After spinning, have your students practice writing the letter that is shown, write the opposite, say the sound the letter makes, or write a word that starts with the letter. Quick, easy, fun and purposeful way for alphabet practice.

CVC/Sight Words

Next, you can use the spinning wheel for cvc or sight words. Then, have your kindergarteners say or write the words. For an added level of practice to this activity, have your little learners write a sentence using the words.


Write numbers or numerals in the spinning wheel slots. Spin, then have your little learners practice writing the numbers or representation.

Use spinning wheel for addition and subtraction practice. Spin to get 2 different numbers, then add or subtract for the answers.


After the shapes are drawn on the spinning wheel slots, have a students spin the wheel. Students can then practice drawing the shapes that are represented on the spinning wheel.

Classroom Management

Another unique use of this fun and engaging prop is for classroom management. Write down different recess or brain break amounts and have students spin for that many minutes. This is a fun and effective way to reward for classroom breaks.

Since I believe teaching should be fun, purposeful and intentional, I am always looking for new tools and props for academic instruction. What interesting new item have your found to teach and reinforce kindergarten skills? Please comment on this post or my social media. FB, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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