What do you do with plain white coffee filters, markers and water? Do you need an art activity for your little learners to create and enjoy? Here is a Faux Watercolor Art Activity that is fun for a variety of school year themes!!!

Little learners need a variety of activities to learn new skills, hone fine motor skills, and advance academic skills. This Faux Watercolor Art Activity is easy, low-cost, and useful for many different themes throughout the school year.


Coffee filters


Water Spray Bottle


Have your students draw and color on the dry coffee filters with markers. Next, spray water on the completed filter. (Just dampen, does not need to be soaked.) Let the filters dry, then add the finishing touches, depending on what activity is being done.


November is the time for Thanksgiving and turkeys. Your students will love making this fun faux watercolor turkey activity. Download the **FREEBIE** turkey body template to complete this fun activity. Add clothespins for final touch as turkey legs.


Bring back the Thanksgiving nostalgia with these tie-dye, coffee-filter turkeys with clothespin legs! 🦃 These are perfect for following multi-step directions, hand/eye coordination and fine-motor muscle practice! 🦃You could even have little learners write a sentence about their turkey! Make sure you are on my Kindergarten Chaos email list/teachers lounge, so you can get this freebie template emailed to you! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #teach #teachersoftiktok #teachershelpingteachers #education #littlelearners #homeschool #thanksgivingcraft #thanksgiving #coffeefiltercraft

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Winter snowflakes are a fun way to add student made decorations to your classroom or bulletin board. After following the above directions and letting filter dry, fold in half 3 times. Then using scissors, cut small triangles in pattern of your choice. When the filter is unfolded–Voila!! A snowflake is born!!!


Here is a fun activity for after Winter Break! Great for following multi-step directions AND fine-motor practice! ❄️Plus, it makes a SUPER CUTE addition to a bulketin board! #kindergartenchaos #teacher #littlelearners #teachersoftiktok #iteachprek #iteach #teach #kindergarten #homeschool #preschoolactivities #snowflakes❄️

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Hearts are a part of February decorations in most classrooms. Here is a faux watercolor heart activity that is easy, low-cost and fun for your little learners. For an added writing bonus, have your students write a sentence about something they love and add to the center of the watercolor heart. Download the **FREEBIE** Heart Notes writing bonus.


Here is the perfect ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Heart Craft Activity for February! And add in the lined heart note paper and it will make an awesome addition to any bulletin board or classroom! 💬And yes…I have the heart note paper! #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning #finemotoractivity #valentinesday

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Goodbye winter and Hello Spring!! Watercolor butterflies are a perfect way to bring Spring into your classroom. Follow above directions to create the watercolor filter. When filter is dry, fold in the center and add a clothespin body. Pipe cleaner antennae can be added along with googly eyes and now your little learners have a fun butterfly to add to the room.

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Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22 every year. Here is a fun way for your little learners to learn about this day with a hands-on fun craft activity. Download the **FREEBIE** writing activity for a purposeful and fun activity.


Another purposeful faux watercolor coffee filter activity for your little learners. After filter is colored, dampened, and then dried, cut a triangle out. Paste the triangle on as a tail. Next, add a googly eye. Finally, have your students write about their fish for added academic writing practice.


Did you know that multi-step activities is an excellent way for Little Learners to practice their listening and comprehension skills?! #kindergartenchaos #coffeefilterart #kidscrafts #homeschool #iteachk #learningisfun #kidsactivities #littlelearners

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Not only are these activities fun and engaging, the multi-step process is an excellent way for little learners to practice listening and comprehension skills and fine motor development. A win-win all around!!!

Do you need more ideas and help with teaching little learners about writing?

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