The new school year will be upon us shortly. We will be meeting the new kindergarteners as well as their grownups. What can we do now to prep for the upcoming kindergarten school year?

Much Needed Paperwork

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!!! There is always a lot of forms to send home with your new students during the first week of the new school year. Some forms are required by the district or school. But some are specific for your students to welcome them to your classroom. Do you already have a packet prepped for your new kindergarteners. No? Well, I have made it easy!! Check out this TikTok video and download your Back to School Editable Kit for Meet the Teacher Open House Forms Letters. Easy!!


Ive been asked to share some Back to School prep ideas. What else do or would you add? #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #teachertok #kindergarten #backtoschool2022

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Customizable Sticky Notes

Have you ever wanted a customized sticky note for your new kindergarteners and/or their adults? Download this **Freebie** template and copy away!! One more item to mark off your list of “Back to School Prep”.


Personal & customized Sticky Notes for the classroom!?P.S. My sticky notes came from Dollar Tree! The size is 3×3! Let me know if you want the template…it will be free. Where should I upload it? Comment below and tell me what you would put on these sticky notes! #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2022 #teachertips #teacherhacks #tiktokteacher

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Did you get all of your school supplies sorted by categories and organized so they are quickly found and used? Was this completed the end of last year? No?? Do you need some ideas on how to sort and organize for this new school year? Check out these blog posts “Efficient Classroom Organization Of Materials & Activities” and “Printable Labels For Classroom Organization” for a plethora of ideas to start your new school year with your supplies organized and easily accessible.


The labels are available in my TpT ? and the pouches are available on Ama*on! #teachersoftiktok #organization #endoftheschoolyear #teacherhack #teachertip

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Sensory Tables/Bins

Sensory tables/bins are a must in every kindergarten classroom. This is a project that can be done at home and completed before the school year begins. See Blog posts “Sensory Table & Bin Ideas for Kindergarten“, “DIY Sensory Table Bin“, “Easy to Make Rainbow Rice for the Sensory Bin” and “Creating a Purposeful Sensory Table Station” for ideas and “how to’s”.


Sensory Bins are so important for hands-on learning! Here is an easy tutorial to make your own! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #sensoryplay #summerplay #diy

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Did you get your supply list updated? What do you need for this year? Are you the type to wait until the last minute to review your supplies and purchase what you need right before school starts? Or do you have your list updated from last year and know exactly what you need for this upcoming year? Well, whichever category you fall into, here is a **FREEBIE** Supply Inventory List help make this chore a little less daunting.

Year Long Activities

Do you have easily downloadable and printable activities for your little learners for all seasons? Here are some bundles that are a must-have for the kindergarten classroom for individual, whole group or stations. Not only are they convenient for you as the teacher, but they are fun and meaningful to your academic progress for your students. Having these before the year starts makes for easier lesson planning and daily prep time.

Substitute Teacher Activities

We all know that emergencies, as well as, scheduled days off occur throughout the school year. If you prepare for this ahead of time- you, your substitute and your students will have a much easier time during your absence. What do you do to prepare? Well, check out blog post “Substitute Teacher Activities For Kindergarten” for ideas and preview of below product.


A kindergarten classroom is not complete without playdough! (In my opinion). If you have never used playdough in your class before, check out blog post “Purposeful Playdough For Little Learners” for ideas and how-to’s. Here is an easy DIY playdough recipe you can prep ahead of time for your new kindergarten school year. Playdough is both purposeful and fun for your little learners. Check out above blog post for ideas on how to use playdough in your classroom for educational purposes as well as honing fine motor skills.

Preparing For Your New Kindergarteners

Everybody loves to receive mail, right? Your new students will too. Here is a **FREEBIE** you can print and mail to your new students before the first day begins.


Here are some fun find & color the shapes printable post cards! Use these for mewt the teacher, open house, first day or week of school! #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #backtoschool2022 #teachertok #teachertips #1stdayofschool

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