It’s back to school season and I’m always thinking of ways to welcome students to the new school year. I actually created these Back to School Postcards last year, when our entire school district began the year distance learning. A ‘normal’ year would usually begin with an in-person meet-the-teacher day. This gives teachers, grown-ups and students a chance to meet, as well as check out the classroom environment. For obvious reasons, this didn’t happen, but I still wanted teachers and students to connect…especially teachers of little learners!

Download & Edit the Post Card

Download and choose the size you want to send out. These post cards come in 2 sizes; (2) half pages; or (2) official post card size. Next, edit the post card to reflect your personal teacher message and signature. You can edit the text font, size and color by pressing ctrl + e (for PCs) or command + e (for Macs). It’s a pop up menu, so give it a few seconds. 😉

I like to print mine out on cardstock, since it makes it a little more sturdy. You can cut them apart and trim them or just cut in half. Then it is as simple as hand-addressing each or printing off address labels for the students you are sending them too. Drop them in the mailbox or off at the post office and wait for the joy that these postcards bring!

Color Crayons Color by Code Back to School Welcome Post Cards

These postcards have crayons on the front with a simple 2D shape on each one. The back of the postcard has a color code, an editable teacher message and signature.

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  1. The link for the Color Crayons Color by Code Back to School Welcome Post Cards doesn’t work. 🙁

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