Do you ever walk into your classroom and think “Where did I put…?” or “Where do I put this…?”. As kindergarten teachers, we have so many teaching tools, games, activities, supplies, books and toys but not a lot of storage space. We must be creative and efficient in our classroom organization solutions. Here are 5 tips I have used in my own classroom to help organize and be more systematic in my storage solutions for my many kindergarten supplies.

Storage Area

If you are lucky enough to have a closet of any size to store your supplies, JUMP FOR JOY!!! Some of us have had to find a corner in the classroom to use as our supply closet. If you do not have a closet, look around your classroom and make a dedicated space just for your storage area. I know space is usually always limited, so think vertically. This will save a lot of floor space. You can always hide and decorate this area with a curtain that coordinates with your classroom theme.

Storage Containers

Buy and use drawers or storage boxes with lids that can be stacked on top of each other to limit floor space. But make sure you purchase storage containers with lids/drawers that are made to be stacked or you will have a major disaster when they come tumbling down. I personally love clear storage boxes with handles and lids that are made to nestle easily. Any size will do, but I always use ones that are easily maneuvered and can be gone through quickly, thus making it easier to see and retrieve the product, supply or activity I need for that day, week, or month’s lesson. Make sure all your containers are uniform in size. This makes for much better classroom organization and easily maneuverable storage system. No wasted space!!


Next, divide all your games, activites, and materials by skill set, themes, or year-long content. First separate by skill set, then by theme and year-long content. This makes it soooo much easier when searching for a activity or skill set in any given time of year. Looking for a winter literacy activity? Already in its own labeled container!! How about fall math projects? Wow–everything you need is already separated!! This organization system allows for quick and easy selection for your current skill or theme. No more searching through a bucket or container looking for that one math project for the fall apple theme!!

Storage Preparation

Most of the games, supplies and activities come in boxes or containers that are bulky and will not fit nicely in your new storage containers or drawers. Space is wasted and unusable when they do not fit properly. Here is the answer I have found to this classroom organization dilemma.

Remove all bits and pieces out of the box on put into zippered pouches. These pouches are now easily stackable in drawers or containers and thus take up much less valuable space. I have found these zippered pouches on Amazon and love them! They also hold up very well with use and store nicely over the summer. Click picture to get link.


Lastly, I buy book binder rings to attach to each zippered pouch. I then label each and every pouch so they are easily identified. Click here for Blog post on labeling and supplies for these awesome pouches.

Now for the final step!

Stow all your organized and labeled pouches in your containers or drawers. Don’t forget to label the outside of your drawers!!

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