The kindergarten school year is soon coming to a close. Our kiddos have grown both physically and educationally. Now it’s time to wrap things up and celebrate! These are my favorite ways to celebrate the end of the year with my students!

All of the standardized testing has been completed, your students are starting to talk about summer vacations, and you as the teacher are now ready for much needed summer break!!

But first we must CELEBRATE!!!!

Counting down to the end of the school year by number of days left is both fun and engaging. This colorful bulletin board is an idea that I put to use in my classroom. Write the number of school days left on the balloons. Pick a student to pop a balloon at the end of each day to countdown the number of days left. This is both fun, entertaining, and reinforces number id and counting backwards.

Some school districts do not have a kindergarten graduation but call it a promotion. Whatever label you call this day, it is a time for celebrating for your students. Make this day fun and interactive for your class.

Of course kindergarteners love to sing and chant, so here is some poems to use on the last few days. Write the poems out on sentence strips and use in your pocket chart. Now you can read and chant together. Voila!!! Both fun and purposeful!!! There is also a poem that the kids can illustrate and then take home.

I always made sure parents/adults are involved with the decorating, gathering supplies for the graduation ceremony, and participate in the final activities. Setting up a photo booth in your classroom is a fun way to document the day for both students and their adults.

Use butcher paper or wrapping paper as the backdrop. Then decorate with balloons and a banner. You can make a banner with letters glued to colored paper plates. Hole punch the plates, then string them together and hang up with ribbon, twine, or string. “Congratulations Future Class of 2034!!!”

A Graduation/Promotion or whatever your school calls it, is not complete without a ceremony and slide show!!!

A few days prior to the promotion, I take pictures of each student next to a word bubble drawn in chalk on an outside wall and ask them what they want to be when they grow up. I use this picture in the slide show with the words “When I grow up I want to be a….”. Click here or picture for a downloadable Power Point Freebie. PLEASE make sure to make a COPY first, BEFORE editing!!

Lastly, Completion Certificates are a must for kindergarteners!!! Click here for free editable certificate you can print out for your students. These are fun, colorful and have 2 different options available.

Now your kindergartners are ready to enter 1st grade!!!

Need help editing the certificates? Here is a quick video tutorial showing how to edit them!

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