YAY!!! It’s the end of another successful kindergarten school year!!!! But—-before we can clean up, have a party, and leave for the summer–we must finish end of the year assessments.

You have worked all year long teaching these little ones all the kindergarten standards. A final assessment must now be completed to insure all the benchmarks have been met and your students are ready for 1st grade. Hopefully, your students have not only met but exceeded your schools mandatory minimums for promotion to the first grade.

Has your kindergarteners “mastered the concepts”? Are they “in progress”? Or are they at “emergent level”? Is the assessment program you use easily translatable? What are you supposed to do with this information? Do you have all the paperwork organized and easily accessible? Or has it been a nightmare keeping track of all the testing data?

Through my classroom experience as well as working with other teachers, I have often pondered the question of how to make these assessments doable for the student and the data readable for the educator. Here is the solution I have found to those questions. ESGI is a simple, user friendly, digital assessment tool every teacher needs to have in the classroom!!

I fell in love with this digital assessment tool because I could easily assess my students anywhere (playground, classroom, etc.) it is user friendly, AND it records and tracks the data!!! NO MORE PAPERWORK!!!!

Click on above picture to go to Blog Post for more information on using ESGI for assessments.

After using ESGI for end of the year assessments, you will quickly and efficiently be able to access the data on your students mastery or progression of academic skills. Do to the ease of this program, you will easily be able to provide data for report cards, grown up conferences, as well as the upcoming 1st grade teachers. ESGI will save you loads of time and energy in these last few days of the kindergarten year.

With over 2,000 pre-made assessments on ESGI, there should one to fit your particular plan. You also have the capability to create your own as I have done for our district-specific CVC and sight words.

What to try this amazing product for your end of the year assessments?

Get a free trial through Aug 31, 2022.

Use Free Trial Code: CHAOS through Aug 2022

Now What!?!

Assessments are completed and summer vacation is here. What can you send home with the kiddo’s grownups to reinforce and improve the academic skills they have learned? Here is the answer!!! A learning tool box with games and ideas to use at home with flash cards. AND IT’S FREE!!!

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