Have you ever counted how many times during the school day you have had to get the attention of a classroom full of excited and distracted kindergarteners? Neither have I. But I have often wondered. I consider this part of my classroom management and skills that students need to learn. Getting the attention of Kindergarteners does not have to be boring, though. I have heard some amazing academic callbacks that students and teachers both enjoy!

Academic Callbacks For Kindergarten

All About Academic Call Backs. The ultimate list of attention getters, why and how I use attention getters and when.

Why Should You Use Attention Getters

As a Kindergarten teacher, you know that getting the kiddos attention is a constant and reoccurring endeavor throughout the day. They can be easily distracted and unfocused and we must redirect their attention to the task at hand, when you’re ready to move on to something different or if they are just getting too noisy.

My suggestion is to find a phrase or words that are easily remembered and can be repeated by the students as a whole group. Teacher starts by saying the first phrase and then the students respond with their coordinating reply.

Example: Teacher–Hocus Pocus Students– Everybody Focus

Changing these callbacks weekly, monthly, seasonally or by your theme is very helpful in maintaining attention. Switching the callbacks frequently causes students to pay close attention to the call and respond correctly.

Using callbacks that correspond to topics/themes being taught at the time also reinforce the subject matter. An example could be: Teacher–2 plus 2 is…. Students–the answer is 4!!!

Another fabulous idea is to let your students help decide which one you are going to use.

Check out this TikTok for great ideas!


Attention Getters that are simple, but use academic vocabulary or terminology. Do you have any that you do or have tried with your students? #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teacher #teachertok #iteach

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My Favorite Academic Callbacks

These are either attention getters that I have used in my own classroom or ones that I have heard other teachers used that I liked!

Teacher: Chicken Wing, Chicken Wing Student: Hot Dog & Bologna
All Set – You Bet
Scooby Dooby Do – Where Are You?
Here Ye Here Ye – All Hail The Queen
Yakity Yak – Don’t Talk Back
Waterfall Waterfall – Shhhhh
Brick Wall – Waterfall
Bill Nye – The Science Guy
To Infinity – And Beyond
Andy’s Coming – Coast Is Clear
Zip It, Lock It – Put It In Your Pocket
Ready To Rock – Ready To Roll
Can I Get A – Whoop Whoop
Shark Bait – Hoo Ha Ha
Holy Moly – Guacamole
Hakuna – Matata
Ba Da Ba Ba Ba – I’m Loving It
Alright Stop – Collaborate & Listen
Every Little Thing – Is Gonna Be Alright
And A Hush Fell Over The Crowd – Shhhhhh
Hands On Top – Everybody Stop
FREEZE! – Everybody Clap Your Hands
Red Light – Green Light
Oh Me – Oh My
Macaroni & Cheese – Everybody Freeze
Sponge Bob – Square Pants
Peanut Butter – Jelly
123 Eyes On Me – 123 Eyes On You
Hi Ho, Hi Ho – It’s Off To Work We Go
Misca Musca – Mickey Mouse
Tootsie Roll, Lollie Pop – We’re All Talking, Now We’ll Stop
Marco – Polo
Yall Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind – Up In Here, Up In Here

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