Do you struggle with teaching writing kindergarteners? Do you need tips and techniques to utilize in your kindergarten classroom? Here are some tips and ideas to teach writing intentionally and purposeful, yet fun and engaging.

Teaching Writing In Kindergarten

Writing is the process of connecting letters together to form words then sentences. Early education teachers are well aware of the fact that you need to teach writing along with reading.

How do I teach writing? Where do I start? These are some of the questions I have received from other educators. I began answering and helping so many teachers that I finally decided to create a writing course that will help teachers learn how to teach their students to write.

I have taken the standards and foundations that are necessary and required for Kindergartners and will teach you how to efficiently and easily teach your students all about writing. Resources and ideas are provided for you to actually use to teach your little learners.

How do you get this amazing course? Just click on below picture to learn more!!


Includes a 6 hour PD certificate. What is your biggest struggle when teaching writing? Questions? Registration ENDS 3/31/22 #kindergartenchaos #littlelearnersteacheracademy #littlelearners #writing

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Go to post “All About Writing For Kindergarten Teachers” for more on this writing course.


Writing names is the first writing activity I recommend for kindergarten. Everyone has a name and most students can recognize their own name. Check out post “4 Name Activities Perfect For Little Learners From TikTok” and “The Best Name Activities for Kindergarten” for more ideas and information.

This is the perfect first name writing activity for your students–and its a **FREEBIE**.

Check out post “Build Your Name Activity” for more information.

Mechanics of Writing

Along with first week writing activities, as a teacher, you will need to instruct your students on proper pencil grip. Although this is a controversial subject, you will still need to help your students with their grasp and techniques in order to prevent fatigue and frustration. Check out this post “Kindergarten Handwriting” for more on this subject.


You’ve been asking for more, so here is another chant for handwriting grasp practice. This is perfect for the first few times little learners are learning to use pencils and the proper tripod grasp. And these no-prep alphabet practice pages are perfect for practicing each letter! 🤩Let me know what you think of this chant. #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #teachersontiktok #teachertips #backtoschool2022 #kindergartensong @🍎 kindersmiles 🍎

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This is a great resource for your kindergarteners and their grown-ups to practice handwriting at home, which will in turn, help in the classroom.


You asked for it…the Grown-Ups Guide to Handwriting! ✍🏼An editable note that provides details and tips for handwriting, but also includes picture supports, alphabet with path of motion and even simple independent practice pages. ✏️What are your best tips?💬 #kindergartenchaos #kindergartenrocks #backtoschool2022 #teachertips #teachersoftiktok

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Writing Stations

I am a huge proponent for stations in the kindergarten classroom. Even if you do not have a lot of space, you can create a writing station with all the writing tools and implements stored in a bin or bucket. This can then be brought out when your students rotate to the writing station. Having a variety of tools and topics makes writing fun and engaging for your little learners. Check out this post “All About the Writing Station in Kindergarten” for ideas and supplies.

No-Prep Practice Pages

Here is an activity that you can use in your classroom from the first day on. This incorporates alphabet practice with writing. Perfect for your little learners.

Need More Writing Activities?

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