Name recognition and writing are one of the first things kindergarten teachers must teach their new students. Do you need new and engaging activities to teach this very important skill? Here are four fun, engaging, and purposeful name activities & their videos from TikTok to teach your new incoming little learners.

The best Name Activities for little learners. These are easy to prep, engaging for little learners and great for the classroom or at home.

Seasoned kindergarten teachers know and understand that most new kindergarten students do not know how to recognize, spell, or write their own name. However, there are many multi-purposeful activities to teach these skills.

Pool Noodle and Popsicle Stick Name Activity

Here is one of my new favorites.


This activity is perfect for Back to School and learning the letters in names! Have you tried this yet? #kindergartenchaos #teachersontiktok #backtoschool2022 #kindergarten

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Supplies are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Pool Noodle


Popsicle Sticks

Sharpie Marker

This is a multi-purposeful activity that can also be used with letters in a literacy station or numbers in a math station. What other activities can be explored with this project?

Name Mosaics


I am sharing another name activity for little learners to do during the first week or weeks of school.🤗Do you do this one? What are your favorite tips? #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2022 #kindergarten #finemotoractivity

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie


12×18 Paper

Tissue Scraps


Cut the 12×18 paper in half. Write the names on the paper making sure the letters are spaced apart. Give your students paper scraps to tear. Lastly, have them glue the paper on the letters. Voila!!! An artsy name mosaic that is both meaningful, fun and helps hone fine motor skills.

Need more information on tissue scraps? Click here for another TikTok video.

Build Your Name Activity

This is a *FREEBIE** activity that combines name practice along with math. Watch the video then click below to download your free resource.

Editable Playdough Name Mats

This activity is a must-have for all kindergarten classrooms. Not only is it fun, engaging, and multi-purposeful it also hones fine motor skills. Your students will love this hands-on activity while learning to recognize and spell their own names.


🎶Everybody has a name. Some are different, some the same…🎶Here is a MUST-HAVE Playfough Name Activity that is ✨PERFECT✨for Little Learners! And its available in my 🛒#kindergartenchaos #kindergartenrocks #tiktokteacher #finemotoractivity #learningisfun

♬ Coffee Talk (Extended) – BLVKSHP

Check out blog post “The Best Name Activities for Kindergarten” for more ideas.

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