Fire drills is one of the first whole school procedures practiced in kindergarten. This can be scary for the new student. I use this as an opportunity to instruct my kindergarteners about fire safety as well as the required fire drills. Do you teach your students about fire safety and prevention? Do you need activities to prepare your kindergartener for fire drills and fire safety that is academic as well?

Whether you take a day or a whole week to teach about fire safety and prevention, you can be purposeful while having fun teaching about this subject.

Poem and Pocket Chart

Do you have a poem for fire safety? Here is a poem I used in my poetry station. Reading a weekly poem during shared reading time is a fun and meaningful activity. Students can practice pointing to the words of the poem and reading for fluency practice. Have a pointer available for added fun and engagement. Or they can use highlighter tape to identify high frequency words or punctuation. Use the pocket chart with the poem sentence strips and clip art.

The above poem is included in the “Fire Safety Literacy and Math Activities“.

Go to post “The Pocket Chart Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” for more ideas and information.

Literacy and Math Activities

Here is some fun and interactive literacy and math activities for your “Fire Safety and Prevention Week”.

What’s Included:

Writing Activities


Hidden Sight Word (Editable)

Color by Code (Editable)

Number Puzzles (full-color & black/white)

Fire themed ten-frame – Write the numerals

Fire themed – Add to the ten-frame

Fire Safety Number Match

This activity set is a perfect cross-curricular approach to intentionally teaching with purpose!

Check of blog post “All About the Writing Station in Kindergarten” and “My Favorite Math Station Ideas For Kindergarten” for more and ideas.


Reading aloud to your students models enunciation, vocabulary, and allows for questions. Kindergarteners love books so here is a few to have available for this Fire Drill and Fire Safety topic. I always make sure to read both fiction and non-fiction. (Click on picture to go to Amazon.)

These are all fun books to teach this topic as well as have in your classroom library.

And don’t forget the fire drill brag tag. Go to blog post “Teaching Fire Drill Procedures the Fun Way” for **FREEBIE** and more ideas.

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