Everybody has a name and each name is special to that person. And we know that little learners know their name and can generally identify their name before any other written word. As educators of little learners, we know how important it is to focus on name identification and name writing over those first few weeks. I love all different kinds of name activities and think it’s important for little learners to have a multitude of opportunities for practice. I created this simple name activity that also includes a touch of math too!

A Build Your Name Activity

This name activity is simple and doesn’t require a lot of supplies or extra materials. Here is a quick explanation of how it can work. Choose which format/style you want to use with your students and print out a class set.

Model How to Build Your Name

Make sure to MODEL, MODEL, MODEL how this activity works. I did my name on the dry erase easel, but looking back at this example, I think I would use one of the students’ names or a made up name. This activity combines writing your name, adding each letter to an individual box, counting the letters and circling that number on a number line. You could also use sticky notes as a manipulative too. And don’t forget to use the ten frame to write in the letters of each name or with just marks to represent each letter.

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