Do your kindergarteners know how to write a complete sentence? Are you struggling with teaching your little learners how to write sentences? Here are some fun, engaging and helpful tips and ideas to teach Writing Sentences In Kindergarten.

Letters, Words, and Sentences–Oh My!!!

By now, your little learners should know the difference between letters, words and sentences. You have most likely created a number of anchor charts with your students showing many different letters, words, and sentences. Now, it is time to teach and demonstrate the spacing between letters and words, why it is so important, and how this creates a sentence. Remember–you must be explicit and never assume your little learners automatically know this. The reality is–they do not!!! You must teach them!!

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“Rocket Writes A Story” is a cute book to introduce turning words into sentences, then sentences into a story. There are many opportunities to introduce and discuss the different parts of writing during this book. Introducing and teaching writing concepts to your little learners is fun and engaging with “Rocket”.

Spaces In Writing

Next, students need to learn to use spaces. Create an anchor chart to show correct spacing between letters and words. I love using the terms “spaghetti” and “meatballs” to make this concept applicable and memorable for kinders.

Laws For Writing Sentences In Kindergarten

After introducing and discussing the many separate parts to writing, the “laws” can be presented. Write these “laws” on an anchor chart with the students help. Not only are they participating, but this cements the concepts you are introducing to your little learners.

Model and Practice

Pocket charts and environmental print are the perfect way to model and practice sentence structure. Using high frequency words (sight words, heart words etc.) and environmental print, your students can insert these into the pocket chart to create sentences. They can then “read” these sentence. Connections are being made between words and pictures in addition to learning sentence structure.

After practicing as a group, then with partners, it is time for individual practice. Give each student a sentence strip, a small baggie of environmental print, and a sheet of sight words. Have students cut out sight words of their choice along with the environmental print. Glue or paste onto the sentence strip to “build” a sentence. Have each student read the sentence they created, review the “laws” of writing, then place the strip into the pocket chart.

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**FREEBIE** Primary Writing Paper

This **FREEBIE** is a printable lined writing paper with picture rubric. Start out with one sheet per day for your new writers. As your students become more proficient at writing, add more space and lines. You can then put their writing papers into a folder or bind them into a small book. Voila!!! A writing journal!!

Digital Sentence Practice

Here are some digital activities for sentence building practice. Great for individual practice as well as fast finisher work.

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