FYI: I do not allow anyone to use any school supplies until we create an anchor chart about each specific one and the students know the expectations for using them correctly.

Classroom Management Anchor Charts for your back to school season.

The first day of school includes an anchor chart on how to be a friend and The Kissing hand feelings anchor chart. Next, I introduce crayons to my class and we read The Crayon Box that Talked and The Day the Crayons Quit. Together we make an anchor chart describing the do’s and don’ts of using crayons. (I will preface this picture by saying, these are not the most glamorous anchor charts, because I do them right there with the students. Sometimes I go back and make a ‘prettier’ copy.)
Using Crayons Anchor Chart
Next supply I go over with the students are pencils. It’s always funny to see what the kids say the ‘rules’ are about pencils.
Using Pencils Anchor Chart
At this point the students know how to correctly use crayons and pencils. Usually, by day 3 of Kindergarten, I am introducing scissors and glue.
Using Scissors Anchor Chart
Along with the anchor chart on scissors, I teach them the song:
Open Shut
Open shut
That’s the Way We Cut, Cut, Cut
Fingers on Bottom
Thumb on Top
Do Not Let the Paper Drop

We sing this over and over and especially while we are cutting and I have found that it REALLY does help them remember!!

I use glue sticks at the beginning of the year, so an anchor chart is a MUST. No, glue sticks are NOT to be used as hair gel! LOL! 😉
Using Glue Sticks Anchor Chart
The first project we use to practice our cutting and gluing skills is this monster-themed page, which is also a great number order practice! This comes from Kindergarten Smiles Monsters Back to School pack.

The Best Anchor Chart Hacks. Hacks to help with your classroom and back to school.

Here is what an anchor chart looks like with my custom anchor chart hangers!

Writing Between the Lines Anchor Chart with Anchor Chart Holders

DIY Anchor Chart Holder
Obviously I only have so much room, so sometimes I stack anchor charts on top of each other. That’s also another benefit of the hanger clips.

Here are a few more ideas for keeping anchor charts:

Anchor Chart Storage from Teaching with a Mountain View

Anchor Chart Storage

Anchor Chart Wall  from Learning at the Primary Pond

Anchor Chart Wall from Learning at the Primary Pond

Hang your Anchor Charts on a Rod

Anchor Chart on a Rod

Anchor Chart Display from Book Units Teacher

Anchor Chart Display - Book Units Teachers

Do you use anchor charts in your classroom? How do you make them? And where do you display and store them?

Sep 8, 2015 - Use these pictures and ideas to create and use these awesome Classroom Management Anchor Charts. Teach rules and procedures for all classroom supplies.


Anchor Chart on a Rod

Anchor Chart Display from Book Units Teacher

Anchor Chart Display - Book Units Teachers

Do you use anchor charts in your classroom? How do you make them? And where do you display and store them?

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12 Responses

  1. Great ideas for BOY anchor charts as reminders of simple tasks we should not assume they know! 😊

  2. I keep my old ones, particularly old poems, songs, alphabet charts and important lessons, on a portable clothes rack. The kind people might buy for their laundry rooms. I use those charts as a literacy center. I hang each chart on a pants/skirt hanger and put them on the rack. Students pull out the charts and read them independently or with a partner. I place a command hook at the end of the rack so students have a place to hang the chart to read. They put it back when they’re done and choose another. I hang two pointers on the rod for the students to use, also. I’m thinking of getting on for math centers. I want to laminate key charts and attach a math activity that reinforces the info on the chart. Idk. Or, I’m thinking I could take a picture of key charts and print them to place in math center bins with activities that reinforce them. This would save space. Idk. I haven’t decided.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. Even after 25 years of teaching, I learn something new every day. This year I am starting right with my behavior kids. I’m using anchor charts for everything!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I have used anchor charts for academic concepts, but hadn’t thought of using them for procedures. These are great.

  5. I really do not agree with you telling little kids what good coloring and bad coloring is. Anything they imagine and create should be praised! If they want to paint a picture of a purple sun with a rainbow grass then let them! Don’t hold back their creativity!

    1. Really??? Good grief! She’s talking about giving your best effort and not rushing to color/being messy.

    2. Fine motor skills are developed through coloring smoothly and inside the lines. This is not for independent creative drawing, it is for desperately needed fine motor skills!

  6. I teach upper elementary students and these ideas would work perfectly for them! Creating visuals of routines helps kids remember all those first days of school procedures! Making the charts interactive also builds engagement. Thanks for sharing your detailed tips.

    1. I know that the “how to color” anchor chart is from a few years back, so I’m hoping it’s not relevant anymore. Please consider the fact that teaching kids how to express their creativity the “right way,” especially in Kindergarten, is setting them up for failure in terms of being and loving who they are and the way they think. It’s simple, I know, and seemingly insignificant, but it’s he language we choose and the message we send from the very beginning that are so impactful and long lasting. Here’s to coloring the sun blue, the grass purple, and inspiring kids to be who they really are, especially outside of the lines 🙂

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