The 100th day of school is always a big deal for students of all ages. However, this is a perfect opportunity for little learners to increase math skills with combining this momentous day with academic skills. Do you need some engaging yet purposeful 100th Day Activities For Little Learners?

Classroom Decor

Little learners always love a party. Start with decorating your classroom in the 100th day theme to encourage the exciting atmosphere. It does not have to cost a lot of money (it is only one day), but it can be engaging and meaningful. You can have your students begin working on activities earlier in the week and use the completed activities as classroom decor. Use 100th day themed banners and hanging swirls/ceiling decorations. This will set the stage for celebrating the 100th day of school!!

**FREEBIE** 100th Day Monsters Family Activity

Family activities are an exciting part of kindergarten. This **FREEBIE** 100th day monster activity is a fun yet meaningful do-at-home family activity that students bring back to school. Students add 100 items of their choice to this monster project for counting practice. All of these amazingly creative monsters can then be displayed around the room or an a bulletin board. More classroom decor!!! Your little learners will be so proud of their creation and love to see them decorating the classroom.

Go to “100th Day Monster & Collection Grown Up Letter FREEBIES” for more information.

Center/Station Activities

5 fun and purposeful activities are included in this resource. Counting, sorting and writing numbers is practiced with this engaging activity. Perfect for this 100th day of school.


Everyone loves **FREEBIES**!!! Here are a couple of **FREEBIE** activities that both you and your students will love to do for the 100th day of school.

100th Day Collections

This 100th day collections is another fun family activity. After the students bring back their ziplock baggie of 100 items, the baggie can be stapled to bulletin board for more fun classroom decor as well as sharing the 100 items collected.

100th Day Color by Sight Word

Fun, editable color by sight word activity. Another engaging yet purposeful activity for your little learners. Just click and subscribe to receive your **FREEBIE**.

100th Day Smartie Label

Fun label to print out to attach to “Smartie” candies to send home with your little learners.

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