After your little learners learn and master the alphabet, cvc words and start to read– what is next? Do you give your students early reader books? Leveled readers? Worksheets? Decodable books? How do your emergent readers practice the reading strategies you have taught? Here are truly Decodable Books For Little Learners that are perfect for this next phase of purposeful practice.

Must Teach Explicitly

After teaching your little learners developmentally appropriate reading strategies and decoding techniques, do you have books for your students to practice these new reading skills? According to SOR (Science of Reading), educators need to explicitly teach reading skills to students. Reading is a learned skill, not inherent. Teachers must provide beginning readers with activities and books that are legitimately decodable. Students need to learn and practice decoding techniques in order to genuinely read. If a young reader can decode, they will be able to read anything!!!

I was increasingly frustrated with not finding truely decodable books for my little learners. So–I created my own.

Developmentally Appropriate Decodable Books

Emergent readers do not have the stamina nor the skills to read long complicated books. They will get flustered and lose interest if the books you are providing are too long and have too many words that they are unable to decode. Often, teachers rely on leveled readers for reading practice. Leveled readers tend to have a lot of illustrations which students love. However, students will rely on these illustrations and “guess” while reading. So, they are not truly reading or decoding.

The Decodable Readers that I have created are not only developmentally appropriate, full of decodable words, but are a one page, foldable book that is perfect for small group or individual purposeful reading practice. Ideal for at home reading practice as well.


After Winter Break is the perfect time to print out these 1 page foldable, Decodable Readers!🥰These are developmentally appropriate and are perfect for beginner readers stamina! Each decodable set focuses on a phonics skill (CVC short vowels, digraphs, word families, blends, silent e, long vowels and r-controlled vowels. Each book comes with a response sheet. You can get a specific phonics skill set or the whole bundle. Questions?❓#kindergartenchaos #teachertok #littlelearners #kindergarten #sor

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Decodable Books

After starting with Short Vowel/CVC Words, little learners can then move on to the next literacy/reading skill of Word Families, followed by Diagraphs, Beginning Blends, Silent E, Long Vowels, and finally ending in R-Controlled Vowels. Each of these sets of decodable books have at least one book per skill giving your students plenty of decoding practice.

Since each decodable reader set builds upon the skills of the previous one, you must start with short vowel/cvc words. You will be amazed at the progress your little learners will make with these truly decodable books for emergent readers.

Check out previous post “Truly Decodable Readers In Kindergarten” for more on each set.


Here is a bundle with all 7 of the Decodable Books in one easy download. Now you can have all of these truly decodable one page books ready to print!!!

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