Who is ready for the 100th Day Of School? It’s coming quicker than we think, for some of us it’s already here! The 100th Day of School is such an important day of the year, in my opinion. Not only do students need to be proud of themselves for making it through the first portion of the year, but most Kindergarten students learn to count to 100 by the 100th day. This is a magnificent accomplishment, one that should be celebrated! These 100th Day Of School Ideas are the perfect place to start when you’re planning for this exciting day!

100th Day Of School Ideas

The Best ideas For The 100th Day Of School! Kindergarteners need to celebrate this day and their accomplishments. These ideas will help you start planning for your big day!

If you are looking for easy, practical, yet fun ideas for the 100th day of school in your Kindergarten classroom, then this post is for you! I love the 100th day of school and have a huge collection of ideas that I have been collecting over the last few years. I usually add one or two new ideas to our 100th day, but I usually stick to my ‘traditional’ 100th day stations. Every teacher and classroom is different, so this may or may not work for you and your classroom. Here is a quick run down of my 100th Day.

100th Day At Home Projects

It’s always fun to build the anticipation of the 100th Day. I do this by encouraging my students to master counting to 100 by 1’s by our 100th Day celebration and by choosing a few at-home projects they can do with their families or grown ups. (It’s never mandatory…read the room and know your students and home situations.) If ever I feel like a student will not be able to participate in one of the activities, I make an effort to make it happen while they are at school. For instance, asking an older student to help them make a collection from things in our classroom. I’m going to share the at-home projects that I have done with my students.

100th Day Shirts with 100 Things

Ultimate List: 100 Ideas For The 100 Day Of School

And yes, I always make and wear a shirt too!

100th Day Monsters

You can read more about this activity HERE

100th Day Collections

You can find more information about this project HERE

100th Day Celebration

I usually make a grand little entrance sign for our special 100th day and add a few festive decorations. My kids love this! It can be simple and made with butcher paper or you can purchase decorations. You can find more decorating ideas here.

Student Activities for the 100th Day

5 Center Ideas For the 100th Day Of School for Kindergarteners!

5 Stations For 100th Day

As I mentioned, I have 5 different stations for students to rotate through. These include:

You are in luck, too, because I put most of these into one simple to prep printable pack. You can get that here.

I always ask for grown-up volunteers to help with our 100th stations. I send a letter/request for help. I have 5 stations and need 1 adult per station. I’ve even had older teenage siblings volunteer.

How the stations work:

100th Day Trail Mix Collection Letter

Before the 100th day, I put out some requests for items that we will need for the any or all of the activities. There are multiple ways to do this. You can send home a note, post to ClassDojo, Remind or other grown-up communication tool you may use. (Requests depend on the activities that I have chosen for the 100th Day celebration)

Here is an example of the items for our trail mix food items. Items include:

One more thing.. Need a fun take home treat for your students?
Give this freebie to your students this year for growing their brains for 100 days?

Free Treat Label For 100th Day Of School!

If you are still looking for more ideas, check out this Ultimate List: 100 Ideas for the 100th Day of School blog post!

Hope you have an amazing 100th Day of School!

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