The 100th day of school might not be celebrated everywhere, but it should be! In my opinion, the 100th day is just as important as celebrating the winter holidays or Valentine’s day. Why? Because kids need it (and teachers do too!). We’ve made it through 100 days of school. For some children, being in Kindergarten is the first time they have ever been away from home. Some may love it while others may struggle. Some may struggle with learning new things, being away from loved ones, a new environment, new rules, etc. Reaching a milestone like 100 days is huge! For teachers too. We have made it 100 days. This is worth celebrating! Keep reading for 100th Day Monster & Collection Grown Up Letter FREEBIES.

I also encourage all of my students to be able to count to 100 by the 100th day of school. It is not required by any means, but it is awesome when we can all count to 100 together on the 100th day of school.

Celebrating 100 days doesn’t have to take away from learning though. We can still incorporate fun activities that have aspects of learning or strengthening skills.

100th Day Family Projects

We do two super fun Family Projects, or Take Home Projects, for the 100th day. Not only are these activities exciting for students and encourage family time, but they help students count to 100.

I am including the parent letter that I send home explaining these two projects in this post. It is at the bottom for you to download and use! 100th Day Monster & Collection Grown Up Letter FREEBIES are not only fun and engaging, but purposeful!

100th Day Monster

Many of you have seen this 100th Day Monster. I shared it on Instagram and so many people loved it, I knew I had to share more! Our Monsters are simple. I send home a letter to parents, that you can download below, asking them to help their child create a 100 Monster. This is literally a monster with 100 elements. This can be googly eyes, pom poms, stickers, pasta, etc. Whatever they choose, there just needs to be 100 parts.

Kids love that on 100th day, each student gets to share their monster with the whole class. Everyone LOVES this and I love seeing them shine with pride.

100th Day Collection

Our 100th Day Collection is super easy too. I start out by using bulletin board paper and creating a 100 sign.

Included in the parent letter is a section about our collection. I also send home a zipper baggie. Students are to decide on an item that 100 of will fit in the baggie. Everyone will bring in their baggie with 100 things, like pretzels, gummy bears, bobby pins, pom poms, crayons, etc. We put them up around our 100 sign and everyone can display their collection. As simple as this is, it is one more way to help children count to 100.

Check out these 100+ 100th Day Activities & Ideas

100th Day Trail Mix

I have a fun 100th Day Trail Mix Mat with 10 squares on it that I have laminated. We take turns filling the spots with different edible treats to make a 100 piece trail mix. We have included pretzels, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cheetos, cheese crackers, etc. Some of you may not be allowed to use food, but maybe you can come up with an alternative. But for those of us that can, my students LOVE making their own trail mix!

Get The 100th Day Trail Mix Mat Here.

Rainbow Cereal 100s Chart

One more activity that we do on 100th day is our rainbow cereal 100s chart. This is an inexpensive activity that is a fun and colorful way to fill a 100s chart! Again, another way to add in counting to 100.

You May Also Love These 100th Day Ideas!

Gum Ball Machine Painting

Another fun 100th day activity that we do is like creating a 100 frame, but with gum ball machines. The ‘worksheet’ has 10 gumball machines. Children can use q-tips and paint to dot on 10 gumballs per gumball machine. Again, another fantastic way to count to 100!

100th Day Treat

The last thing I like to incorporate into 100th day is a fun treat at the end of the day. I give my students a simple strip of Smarties on this label card. It is nothing huge but it shows my students that I am proud of them for making it this far and can’t wait to spend the rest of the school year with them! It’s best to print on cardstock. Click to download this Smartie Label Freebie.

Click on the images below for the FREEBIES!


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    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. The freebies are available within the blog post. Let me know if you need something else.

  1. I used to do the snack that way too. Any suggestions for how to do this with Covid? I am counting ten of each snack and having them
    sort their own bags. They can’t eat at the table with others though.

    1. You could print out the sorting mat on just paper and each student get their own sorting mat. At the end of the day, each student gets their baggie of snacks and sorting mat and sorts at their own spot. Or maybe just sent it home with them? Covid has just really changed things…unfortunately. 🙁

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