Phonics Review Games | Small Group Reading Activities for Beginning Readers


  • Avaliable In Color and Black & White
  • Perfect For Small Groups
  • Practicing Sight Words
  • Work On Social Skills


Honest Reviews:

“Great activities for review!” – Amanda

“Great way to differentiate in small group instruction.” – Megan

“Great resource that my kinder kids loved! Thank you” – Lisa

“This is a wonderful resource to easily differentiate between groups. They love the game and it is easy to target what they need to work on” – Buyer



I created these Phonics Review Games, so they could be used in stations, in small group, and to send home. These games are intended for primary learners, beginning readers and were designed to be simple and not too lengthy.

This game activity pack has EVERYTHING you need!! It has a game board and game cards for letter ID, sight high-frequency words, CVC pictures, decodable sentences, and and editable page for you to add your own skills. Everything is available in full color and black/white. Also included is suggestions on how to use and implement in the classroom and at home!!

What’s Included:

26 Uppercase Letters

26 Lowercase Letters

50 Sight Words

30 Sight Word Sentences

40 CVC pictures to use for Beginning, Middle, Ending Sound or to spell entire CVC word

1 EDITABLE Blank sheet of Cards to add your own skills

CVC Words Included:

Cut, tub, sub, nut, mud, top, cop, dog, mop, pot, sun, mug, rug, hug, bug, rip, lip, hip, fin, pin, bed, zig, pig, leg, wig, log, sit, rob, fox, box, tag, ham, map, fan, mad, net, ten, red, cat, web

Sight Words Included:

my, the, can, see, like, we, go, to, am, for, is, be, so, and, are, it, but, no, in, get, at, up, did, has, will, not, yes, he, good, come, me, that, with, they, all, you, do, said, little, make, there, our, was, she, this, who, what, I, a

And of course, all of this is available in full color or in black/white.

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Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes).
Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.

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