Should teachers try outdoor learning in their Pre-K, Kinder, or 1st Grade classrooms? What type of learning activities can you implement for the outdoors? Is this even possible for the urban classroom? Here are some Outdoor Learning Activities For Kindergarteners that are fun, engaging and meaningful.

As educators for little learners, we are very much aware of the need for little learners to have recess and exercise their little bodies. Physical movement not only helps with development, but also helps maintain mental clarity and promotes healthy body/brain connections. But, can we go outside for some learning activities as well?

The answer is a resounding YES!!! Years ago, when I was in school, we were only allowed outside for recess or PE. However, in recent times, due to statistics on childhood obesity and inactivity, some areas of the world are encouraging more outdoor learning. Try adding some outdoor learning activities for kindergartners and you will see the added benefit for your little learners.

If you are in an urban area, you may not have access to a very large outside area. Your kindergarten playground may not be very large, but you can utilize this space and have the outdoor learning experience if you prepare and be creative.

Fall Outdoor Activities

The fall season is when our school year begins and is the perfect time for some outdoor activities. Have your students find leaves, nuts or seeds that have fallen. Sorting, counting, labeling, and drawing are all activities that can be done with outdoor objects found. Having students look around and observe nature and how it is changing with the seasons is a perfect opportunity to introduce science to little learners. Combine outdoor excursions with indoor activities such as Fall Autumn Literacy and Math Activities Bundle for balanced educational experience for your students.

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Winter Outdoor Activities

The weather where you live will dictate how much outside adventures you have during the winter. But this can still be fun and complement your academic instruction. Students can be introduced to a thermometer, what it does, and identify the numbers on it. Observe, count, draw and color birds that are still in the area. If the weather is still nice (like where I live) take academic activities outside for instruction and completion. Change of environment can have an added benefit for your students. This move to the outdoors will depend on your classroom management skills and your students.

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Spring Outdoor Activities

Spring activities include watching plants and trees bloom, grass growing, and birds nesting. Have students observe and write what they see. Perfect time for writing practice. This **FREEBIE** Butterfly Life Cycle activity is a great complement to finding butterflies outside.

This Butterfly Craft Activity and Butterfly Symmetry Craft both complement the outdoor Butterfly observation and life cycle activity.

Have fun by taking your little learners outside to complete these craft activities!! Fun and purposeful!!

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Year-Round Outdoor Activities

Throughout the school year, you can take students outside to observe the great outdoors, or simply do the academic teaching and practicing worksheets outside. Have children play RED-ROVER with numbers or letters, CVC word spelling, and addition or subtraction. Simon Says game with academic skills is fun and meaningful as well. Both you and your students will benefit from this break in routine indoor studies.

Outdoor Learning Activities For Kindergarteners can be challenging at first, but with a little preparation and forethought, this can be engaging, fun and meaningful.

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