I love the fall season! The new school year has started, the weather is cooling down, and the season is changing. Do you have fall themed activities for your kindergarteners? Do you need fun, effective and purposeful academic activities for your new students for this time of year?

Seasonal changes and falling leaves may or may not occur where you live. Where I live (Nevada) there are some deciduous trees, but not many. However, having activities that included seasonal changes are a way to introduce your little learners to other areas and climate around the world. Since the fall season is when school begins in our state, these fall activities are beginning school year kindergarten activities.

Fall Activities Bundle

Do you want a bundle that has 9 different activities for your students? Easy, low-prep, purposeful activities that engage as well as instruct on the new kindergarten academic skills? You and your little learners will love these activities for this time of year!!!

What’s Included:

Alphabet Letter Matching (Matching Upper, Lower Case Letters & Beginning Sound Picture Cards)

Label a Fall Picture (Cut & Glue labels to the Fall picture)

Torn Paper Name Tree (editable) Excellent fine motor practice art project

Color by Code (editable) Edit to add your own skills

Hidden Sight Word (editable) Edit to add your own sight or high frequency words

Number Matching (Numbers 0-7 ; matching leaf quantities to numerals; no-prep printable

Cut & Sort Leaves (Sorting leaves by size)

Count & Match 1-10 Use these counting mats to match leaf counters to each tree mat (color & black/white mats)

Acorn & Leaf Ordering Numbers 0 -10; 10 – 100 by Tens: Have students cut out and order on a sentence strip


?Happy Fall Ya’ll! ? Here are some fun fall-themed literacy & math activities for your little learners! ? What would you add? #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #tiktokteacher #teachersoftiktok #kindergarten #finemotoractivity #fall

♬ September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Digital Activities

Most classrooms have a computer station or some sort of technology. Having activities available is a must for station, small group, individual, or fast finisher digital activities. Go to post “Computer Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” for more ideas and information.

Math and Literacy

I love to using apples in my curriculum for the fall. Here is an activity bundle for both literacy and math that has apples as the theme.

What’s Included:

Alphabet Letter Matching (Matching Upper and Lower Case Letters)

Label an Apple (Cut & Glue labels to the Parts of an Apple)

Apple Poem (Simple apple poem for shared reading. I used this sheet for having my students illustrate the poem and put in their poetry journal)

Color by Code (editable) Edit to add your own skills

Hidden Sight Word (editable) Edit to add your own sight or high frequency words

Numeral Matching (Numbers 0-10 – Matching Numerals to 3 different representations of the numeral)

Torn Paper Apple Craft (Excellent fine motor practice art project)

Apple Sort (Sorting apples by size or color)

Count & Match 1-10 Use these counting match to match apple counters to each mat

Apple Ordering Numbers 0 -5; 0 – 10: Have students cut out and order on a sentence strip


Let’s plan for Apple Week! ?Here are some math & literacy activities that are meaningful practice of the skills that they are learning! And I love how easy the editable activities are to adjust to exactly what you are currently teaching!?I created an Apple Activities Bundle that includes ALL of the activities shown!? #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #teachersoftiktok #kindergarten #kindergartenrocks

♬ World’s Smallest Violin – AJR

Go to post “Apple Activities In Kindergarten” for more ideas.


Everyone loves a **FREEBIE**!!! Here is a perfect activity for your fall theme. Not only is this activity reinforcing matching quantities to numerals, but helps with fine motor practice as well.

Go to post “Fall Leaf Count & Match Quantities to Numerals” for **FREEBIE** download and ideas.

Year Long Activities

These year long activities have fall themes included. Not only are these low-prep, engaging and purposeful, they are economical. One activity for all seasons throughout the school year. YAY!! A win-win!!!

Puzzles-Year Long Bundles

Kindergarteners love puzzles. With these puzzle activities, not only are they ordering numbers or the alphabet, they are also honing fine motor skills. These are intentional and multi purposeful activities that your students will love while reinforcing the academic skills you are teaching. Included is fall themes you will love.

Click on above picture to download activity.

Hidden Sight Word-Year Long Bundle

Fall themed hidden sight word activity is included in this bundle. Not only is this simple, no-prep activity perfect for year round independent or partner practice of sight words, but it is completely editable for your choice of sight words. Add a fun element to this activity by adding mini magnifying glasses.


This activity is editable, so type in letters and have your little learners use their mini magnifying glasses to find & write those letters! #kindergarten #iteachk #literacy #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie

Color by Code-Year Long Bundle

Not only is this a fun and engaging activity for your little learners, you can add or edit for any skill you choose. Johnny Appleseed and Farm is 2 fall themes included with this activity.


Have you tried Color by Code yet? ?I created this year-long pack to be editable, so you can add whatever skills you want!?For instance, maybe you want to just focus on numbers 1-5 or just the letters f,t and b. You can do that. This makes this activity intentional and purposeful, but of course it is also fun!❓What skills would you add the first few weeks of school? And interested in this…? ⏬ Welcome 2022/2023 school year! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk backtoschool2022 #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie

Go to post “Color By Code” for more information and ideas.

Math-Year Long Count and Match Mats

This year long bundle includes fall themes–apples, pumpkins, and turkey feathers–along with the rest of the year themes. This is a low-prep math activity you and your little learners will love!! This is the perfect independent, partner, or small group activity. 

Check out post “Count & Match Mats For The Whole Year” for more information.

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