I love using and teaching with the delightful Jan Brett Books In Kindergarten. She is an amazing author and illustrator. Do you use these books in your classroom for little learners? Here are some fun, engaging and purposeful ways to add these books into your curriculum.

I have recently posted on Instagram some of my favorite books from Jan Brett that are meaningful this time of year, along with **FREE** activities from her website.


Do you use any of Jan Brett’s books during the winter months?!🙋🏻‍♀️Then you will be happy to know that she has a website with lots of printables and activities that go along with each of her books!📚My favorite books of hers are 1️⃣The Mitten 2️⃣ The Hat 3️⃣ Hedgie’s Surprise 💬 What are your favorite books from Jan Brett? #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergarten #kindergartentips #teachertok #themitten #januaryactivities

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I am not an affiliate and do not receive any compensation from sharing this information. It is only to give teachers resources and ideas to help in the classroom.

The Mitten is always a class favorite that is useful for this time of year. Just go to her website and download the the character cards for this book. Print them in color, paste on cardstock and laminate. They then can be used for a retelling activity. Voila!!! Purposeful activity for your reading and retelling practice.

The Hat and Hedgie’s Surprise are two more of my favorites from Jan Brett that may have printable activities on her site.

More About Character Writing

Do you need another character and setting activity for your budding writers? Your little learners will have fun with this engaging and meaningful activity for your writing station.

These story element cards teach characters along with settings to beginning writers, along with the importance of each and their purpose in the stories. Use the cards to play whole group games, such as sorts and guess again, or print them out and have students glue them into drawing journals, as seen in my blog post HERE. These Character & Setting Cards for Beginning Writers are the perfect addition to your literacy station!

Check out “Character & Setting Cards for Beginning Writers” for more information.

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♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie

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