January 16, 2023 is the American federal holiday to observe Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. Using this day to teach and practice Kindness In Kindergarten along with who MLK is and why we celebrate his birthday can be both meaningful and age appropriate for your little learners.

Having a variety of activities to teach and practice Kindness In Kindergarten is a fun way to explain this federal holiday. Here a a few ideas to use for your Pre-K, K, or 1st grade classroom.


Books are always a great way to introduce a new subject for little learners. Have these books available in your reading center or classroom library. After reading a book out loud, use this time to discuss kindness and how each student can be kind to others.

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In addition to these books being a great introduction to MLK, they can be great conversation starters about kindness.

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Writing or drawing a “kindness” note to a classmate or classroom helper is a great literacy activity. You can start this activity by having students list kindness traits while you write these words on an anchor chart. Students can then use these words to write their notes. This is another opportunity to be intentional and have an activity that is both fun and purposeful. Sentence structure and cvc words can be practiced with this activity, as well as handwriting practice.

Check out post “Kindergarten Handwriting” for more information.

Hidden Sight Word Year Long Bundle Activity

Included in this year long bundle is a Dr. King and a Kindness/Valentines Day activity sheet. Another literacy activity to add for your MLK day with purpose and fun.


This activity is editable, so type in letters and have your little learners use their mini magnifying glasses to find & write those letters! #kindergarten #iteachk #literacy #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

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