The one common thing we know about St. Patrick’s Day is that it’s wear green or get pinched. No one wants to get pinched, so we wear green. St. Patrick’s Day can be so much more, though. St. Patrick’s Day can be the perfect theme to help Kindergartners learn important skills. These St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Kindergarten are our favorites!

St. Patrick's Day and Rainbow Activities For Kindergarteners

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

This time of year, many kindergarten students are working on sight words, addition & subtraction and more! Adding the St. Patrick’s Day theme to these activities can be incredibly engaging for students, especially the Kindergarten age. This helps make St. Patrick’s Day more than just wearing green. Although, if you want a super cute St. Patrick’s Day theme t-shirt for teachers, check these out!!

A crafty activity that will help students strengthen skills like patterns, color recognition, reading color words, and creativity. You can see how to prep and how students complete this activity here.

These simple Alphabet & Numeral Cards will help students practice upper and lower case letters as well as numbers 0-19.

Help students practice spelling with this Leprechaun CVC Spelling Boom Card game. Students will strengthen beginning, middle and end sounds.

Even if you are not virtually teaching, your students will love this Leprechaun CVC Spelling! An engaging addition to your literacy centers that will also help children with their computer and tablet skills.

These colorful rainbow counting mats are the perfect addition to any math center/station! Can be used independently or with a partner. This game takes very little prep time and the kids LOVE it! Also included is a BONUS blank rainbow mat, to us as an addition or subtraction mat.

If you want a whole years worth of Count and Match printables, check here!

If you have a sensory bin, it needs this Rainbow Colored Rice! It is so super simple to make and a great filler for any size sensory bin!

Use these rainbow and unicorn-themed playing mats and number cards to practice decomposing numbers, as well as addition.


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