Between weather week, St. Patrick’s Day and general spring, there is lots of room for rainbows in the Kindergarten classroom! Rainbows make a fun and colorful theme for all sorts of skill activities and this one is no different. This Rainbow Pattern Activity is engaging, simple to prep and super colorful!

Rainbow Pattern Activity

Colorful and engaging, this Rainbow Pattern activity is perfect for weather week, St. Patrick's Day, or spring in general! Your kindergarten classroom will love this!

The skills that this simple activity helps strengthen is a handful! I love activities that don’t just focus on one skill at a time. The obvious is that this activity helps strengthen color recognition and can help with color words. Also strengthened are fine motor skills, patterns, color words and the use of glue.

Materials Needed:

How To Prep

The first thing to do is print the rainbow templates. This rainbow pattern set comes with 4 different options.

So, once you have figured out which template you want, you can print that. Next, it’s time to make the puffy paint. It is super easy to make. All you need is equal parts of white, puffy shaving cream and white glue. Mix the two together and it forms puffy paint. If you would like to add food coloring before mixing, it can be made colors, but we went with white because that is the color of clouds.

You can also cut the construction paper into strips, this will make it easier for students to be able to rip pieces.

Lay that out with a paint brush along with all of the other materials.

How Students Will Make

Students will start by ripping the first color strip into pieces. The size of a quarter could work perfectly. Once the strip is completely ripped into pieces, the students can glue that color onto its place on the template. Continue this process until all of the colors are completed.

Then grabbing a paint brush, they can paint the clouds with the puffy paint.
Let the art project dry somewhere safe, away from where it can be touched. It will take between a few hours and overnight for the puffy paint to dry.

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