What can you do with Alphabet Cards?

A few months ago, I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a kid with a fidget popper and the rainbow ones from Target seemed extremely popular! I knew that the little learners that I was working with would love to use these as well, so I ordered these ones from Amazon. I decided to use a Sharpie and write uppercase/capital letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other side. Some people say the Sharpie wears off, but I haven’t had that happen yet. But I also supervise the activity and it does not get excessive use. But after writing the letters on the poppers, I realized that I wanted my learners to have an additional task to connect to, so this is where the rainbow alphabet cards come in.


Pop It Fidget Toy Alphabet Letter Style! Let’s have fun with learning! #popitfidget #teacherapprecationweek #ChipsGotTalent #learnontiktok #teacher

♬ Taste It – Ikson

Match Uppercase & Lowercase letters

Little learners can draw a lowercase card and then find the uppercase letter on the popper and pop it. The game can then be switched to draw an uppercase card and find and pop the lowercase letter. This activity is meaningful and fun! All kids want to pop these poppers!!

Build a Letter with Geoboards

I love these plastic geoboards! They are great for a variety of activities, but little learners can draw a rainbow letter card and then ‘build’ the letter on the geoboard with the rubber bands!

Sand Write the Letters

Leave the rainbow letter cards at the writing station and little learners can choose one and then write the letter in the sand box. This is perfect for letter formation practice and fine motor practice.

Download FREE Rainbow Cards

You’ll know that I LOVE to give away freebies!! (Are you an Exclusive Club Member? If you are not, you NEED to be! I give a free download every week, but it’s ONLY available through the weekly Exclusive Club Membership newsletter). Anyways, here is a direct download of the Rainbow Alphabet Cards. And did I mention that I included numbers too?! Shhhhh, it’s a secret!

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