Do you have students that are obsessed with unicorns and rainbows? The obsession is understood because they are so fun! Unicorns always remind me of a fairy tales! They also make the perfect theme for this Decomposing Numbers & Addition Activity!

Engaging Decomposing Number mats that can be used for addition as well. Your students will love these Unicorn Rainbow mats!

Decomposing Numbers & Addition Activity

Decomposing numbers is a visual way of breaking down a number into its smaller parts to help fully comprehend and be able to process working, like in addition, larger numbers. This is, as I said, especially helpful for addition and subtraction.

This decomposing number and addition activity is a versatile activity. These mats can be used in your morning tubs or at a math station. These can also be used as independent activities or as partners.

Materials Needed

Prepping The Activity

This activity comes with 2 different sets of 1 mat & 1-30 number cards, each set in two different fonts.

After you print, cut the number cards apart from each other. You might want to laminate these as well as the mats if you want to use multiple times, or with multiple students. It is also necessary to laminate if using these mats for addition, as they will need to write with a dry erase marker.

Grab the manipulatives and get ready.

How To For Students

For Decomposing:
Students will place a number card and place it at the top of the rainbow on the mat. They can then use their manipulative to decompose the number.

For Addition:
Students will roll the dice. They will then place that number of manipulatives in the cloud on the right. They will then roll the dice again and put that number of manipulatives on the left cloud. Then they will add up the two numbers and write that number in the box at the top.

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