Do you need more writing and beginning sound practice activities for your little learners? Have you ever tried Magna Doodles For Little Learners? Well, here is a perfect way for your little learners to practice and reinforce writing and beginning sound skills with Magna Doodles.

I am a firm believer in hands-on activities in the kindergarten classroom. Little learners need many different modalities in order to cement academic skills effectively. Here is an amazing way for your students to learn and practice writing and beginning sounds. Use this in your literacy centers or for whole group, small group, individual practice or for fast finisher added practice. Your kindergarteners will love practicing with these fun and engaging hands-on activities.


Need an additional way for your little learners to practice writing letters or the beginning sounds of pictures?🙋🏻‍♀️ Then this hack is for YOU! Let me know if you have tried this! 🗣And yes, I have these cards! Happy Writing! ✏️#kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #handsonlearning #teachertip #finemotoractivity

♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Just pick up some of these mini magna doodles from your local Dollar Tree, dollar store or Amazon. Use a sharpie marker to add writing lines–don’t forget to pay attention to lines for the letters that go below the foot line. Download these alphabet and beginning sound cards. You can laminate, hole punch and add a binder ring for easy use, storage and access.

Not only are these low-cost and low-prep, both you and your kindergarteners will love this amazing practice activity!!

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