Sight words. It’s a term that every Kindergarten teacher knows and most likely uses in his/her classroom. Sight words are very important to beginning readers, as sight words make up the majority (up to 75%) of beginning children’s print materials. And since many sight words cannot be sounded out or decoded, teaching students to identify and ‘read’ sight words, makes reading fluently more attainable, since students recognize words automatically. We’ve put together a list of our favorite sight word activities for the Kindergarten classroom!

The best Sight Word activities for kindergarten. These literacy activities are fairly easy to prep and full of engaging ideas. Students will have fun strengthening sight word skills with these fun activities & printables.

The Best Sight Word Activities For Kindergarten

Sight words are a majority of the core to kindergarten literacy curriculum. Because of this, the activities need to be exciting and have variety. So I went on the hunt to fill my Sight Word Activity Idea Bank and decided to share my favorites with you.

Building Sight Words Activity

I created this fun sight word activity using lego-style building blocks. How fun is that? And my favorite part is that it was inexpensive! Download the FREE Response sheet below.

Building Sight Words activity for kindergarteners. Free printable recording sheet to help students write the words.

Prepping this activity is super easy. Grab some building blocks and a permanent marker. On the long blocks, write the whole word. For instance, S-E-E will be written on the long block. Then three small blocks will have individual letters, one for S, one for E and another for E. Create these for all of the sight words you would like to work on. Additionally, print the recording sheets. You may laminate for extended use.

Students will find the small blocks and attach the correct letters to the long blocks to create a word. Then they will write the word they created on the recording sheet.

Looking for building blocks?
Check out these small sized ones and these larger sized ones from Amazon.

Sight Word Kit for Little Learners

This Sight Word Kit for Little Learners is a lifesaver for teachers, families, and students!

Finding a simple system for sight words has always been a challenge for me. Every teacher seems to have their own way of giving and assessing sight words. I’ve tried several different ways, but it all seemed cumbersome…until I figured out THIS system. Completely editable so you can add all of your own words.

Hidden Sight Words: Year Long Bundle

I use these YEAR LONG hidden sight word hunts in my ABC Word Work station and they are a favorite among the students! With 40 Different Sight Word Sheets, this is exactly what you need! Plus it’s EDITABLE, so you can add your own sight words to each page!

Sight Word Play Doh Mats

Check out these Sight Word Play Doh Mats. Each mat includes a place to make sight words with playdoh; a sight word sentence to read, as well as circle the sight word; and a writing block to practice writing the sight word or creating a new sight word sentence. These mats are perfect to use when learning and mastering sight words and can easily be differentiated by requiring the written sight word or a new sight word sentence. Research shows that students learn best when ‘doing’ , or when they are using multiple modalities to practice a skill.

There are 50 sight words included but also 8 editable mats to add your own words and sentences.

More Sight Word Activities For Kindergarten

If you’re just beginning to introduce sight words into your classroom, or need a little refresh, read this! These activities are all relatively simple to prep, engaging for students and will help them strengthen multiple skills, including those associated with sight words.

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Our Favorite Sight Word Books

Bob Books: Sight Words

Come See My Bugs 

The Dog

Non-Fiction Sight Reader Pack

We Are The Monsters 

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