A super easy and fun sight words game for kids. An engaging game that can be played with partners or small groups. This is perfect for the classroom or indoor recess.

Today I am so excited to share my DIY Sight Word Head Bands Game with all of my readers and fellow teachers! Over the last few weeks, Carolina from Always Expect Moore and myself have been sharing a ton of sight word / alphabet games for early & emergent learners. Most children love games, yet need repetition when learning and mastering new concepts, especially when it comes to letters and sight words. Flashcards are the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to practice these skills, but often times kids can get bored or easily distracted, which then defeats the purpose. The game I am sharing today uses those trusty old flashcards, but with a fun and modern game twist!

Dollar Store DIY: Sight Word Game

Sight Word Headbandz Game Supplies Needed

Supply List

Alphabet/Sight Word Flash cards

Sentence/Word strips ($1 store)

Scissors/Razor Knife


Step 1: Create Sentence/Word Strip ‘Headband” – Measure strip around child’s head and tape ends together.

Step 2: Using scissors or razor knife cut a ‘square’ type letter n.

Sight Word Headbandz Game Headband

Step 3: Place flashcards into each headband ‘hat’. (My kids played this together, so I made 2 hats to go with the my daughter’s newest sight word list.)

You are now ready to play!

Sight Word Headbandz Game

How to Play Sight Word Headbandz

Since it is my daughter that needs to master her 1st grade sight words, she called out the words on my son’s headband. Every time she got a word right, she got to take it out of his headband and keep it in her pile. If she got it wrong, she had to give it up to him. Ouch! After her round, my son read the words in her headband and then placed them into his headband for her to play again with his words. (Tip: It is always okay for someone ‘older’ to model reading.)

Sight Word Headbandz Game Perfect for all Ages
Sight Word Headbandz GameTaking Turns
Sight Word Headbandz Game for 1st Graders
Sight Word Headbandz Game For Kindergarten & First Graders

My daughter LOVED this game and I am going to continue to use this at home and even take this to my classroom! Please let me know how this works out for you or your classroom! If you are looking for more games, try my Sight Word Soup Game or print out my Quick & Easy Printable Alphabet Cards with Sound Pictures.

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