Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? So it just makes sense to spend a few days during this month to learn about dental hygiene, including the Parts of a Tooth. But instead of just listening and watching videos, let’s include a hands-on activity that incorporates a multitude of skills to practice!

A Parts Of The Tooth Craftivity for dental health week in elementary school. Kids will enjoy labeling, gluing, cutting and more while learning about each part of the tooth. #kindergartenteacher #learningprintable #dentalhealthmonth #partsofatooth

I have used this activity in my Creation Station. I introduce this craft activity on the first day of the school week (Monday) and model each step. I include my teacher sample at the table for the students to use as a guide and reminder of the steps.

Supplies Needed:

Step 1

The supplies for this project are simple, but I do try and prep the materials. This helps save time for the students, but still allows for the creative process and following multi-step directions. I start by cutting 3″ strips from pink construction paper. This will be the ‘gum’ of this tooth activity.

Step 2

I print out the labels and cut apart, so each student can grab (1) set of labels.

Step 3

I pre-cut strips of red yarn, so the students don’t cut too much or too little of the red yarn. The red yarn represents the nerves in the tooth.

I leave all supplies & materials at the creation station table, along with the teacher example. And since I have previously modeled the steps for this activity, the students follow through to create and label the parts of a tooth!

Labeling & Extension Activity

As for labeling, I have given students the opportunity to write the labels for the Parts of a Tooth. But after some teacher requests, I have provided the labels (with images) for students to cut out and glue on. As for an extension activity and to differentiate for students, I ask students to write a sentence about their tooth and bonus if they can use one of the label words!


Label the Parts of a Tooth activity is perfect for following multi-step directions, fine-motor strength practice, labeling and even writing a sentence! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #littlelearners #homeschool #iteachk #dentalhealthmonth

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Interested in this Label the Parts of a Tooth Activity?

An Art Project To Teach Students The Parts Of A Tooth

This Parts of a Tooth Art Project is the perfect addition to your Dental Health unit.

This Pack Includes:

Printable Template: Tooth, Crown, Parts of a Tooth Labels
Pictures Of Completed Project
Printable Directions

This is a perfect activity to use with health and writing standards.

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