So I’m back today to share the fun & fabulous Sight Word Soup Game! While flash cards play an important role in rote learning, they are not the only way to master these skills. So take a break from the cards and make this adorable, inexpensive, yet meaningful game!

A super fun and incredibly easy to prep activity for kids. This Sight Word Soup is hands on, interactive and a great way to strengthen sight word skills.

I went to my local dollar store to get the supplies for this game and it only cost $4, but that was with 2 scoops, so both of my kids could play at the same time. If you just have one child learning letters of sight words, than you would just need 1 scoop.

Materials Needed To Make Sight Word Soup Game

Plastic dish w/ lid

Glass rocks

Ice Cream Scoop

Sharpie Marker

Optional: Tongs

Sight Word Soup Game Supplies

Next, I took one sight word list from my 1st grader and wrote those words on the rocks. 1 word, per rock. I also used a different color sharpie to write letters on the other rocks, so my 4-year-old could play and identify his letters.

Sight Word Soup Game Word Pebbles

And that’s it! The game is ready to play. I let each child use their scoop to get some ‘soup’ out and then they either identified the words or the letters. If they couldn’t identify them, back in the bowl they went to be practiced again. One of the important social skills that children must learn is to take turns, so this is a great game for siblings or friends to play together!

Playing the Sight Word Soup Game with Letters
Playing the Sight Word Soup Game

This game allows for many different ideas and changes. For instance, you could do all letters for beginning learners, sight words, vocabulary words, state capitals, Presidents, the possibilities are endless!!

Sight Word Soup Game by a Kindergarten Teacher & Mom

Are you looking for more ideas and games for early learners, either with letters or sight words? Check out my Quick & Easy Printable ABC Cards w/ Sound Pictures and head over to Always Expect Moore, where Carolina is also sharing some amazingly fun sight word games, like her Jumping Frogs Sight Word Game! 

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