Have you ever wished you had printable picture template for letters that could be used in a variety of ways? Do you love teaching with hands-on activities? Here is the Alphabet Animal Art that has so many uses and is so versatile, every kindergarten teacher need this in the classroom. Need ideas to use this great product?

Since I love hands-on activities for little learners, I created this printable template to teach and reinforce the alphabet. Each letter is depicted by an animal that kiddos know and love. These full-page gray or black outlined character can be printed and paired with explicit letter instruction.

Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are fun, creative and easy for your students to make. No-prep download and print activity makes this project a breeze for you as the teacher. Just print out which animal/letter you are working on. Have the students color or paint it. Then staple the completed alphabet picture book together. Voila!!! You have a meaningful and purposeful activity. Markers, paint, glitter paint, color pencils and crayons are all ideas for your kiddos to be creative in coloring their alphabet animals. Instead of stapling the pages together, you can bind them into book form. Simply use a comb binding machine and now your pages are a great memory book to send home at end of school year.

Substitute Teacher Activity

You can print out for use in your substitute packet or sub tub. Since these are so easy to download, your sub can do it for you!! These are a fun and effective activity for your students to continue to reinforce their letters and sounds even when you are absent. (See blog post “Substitute Teacher Activities For Kindergarten” for more ideas.

Fast Finisher

How often have you had a student who finishes the current activity before everyone else? Of course they can’t just sit still and wait for the others to be done–they must run around the room, pester others, or just create mayhem!! This activity is a perfect project for those fast finishers. Hand them a picture and let them be creative!!!

Glue Art

Have you ever heard of glue art? Here is an amazing, fun activity for this template project.


Perfect end of year activity for your Little Learners! Who wants a copy?! Or should I make more animals available? If so, what would you like to see? #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #homeschool #gothglue

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists




black acrylic paint


glitter watercolors


Add paint to glue and shake.

Outline animal with the glue.

Sprinkle with salt.


Torn Paper Art

Kids love to tear, glue, paste and create! Use this torn paper mosaic activity for alphabet letter and sound reinforcement as well as honing fine motor skills. Have students outline animal in paint or marker. Then glue or paste squares of paper on animal. See the amazing artistic abilities of these kindergartners! Need paper squares? Check out this video.

Kwik Stix

Have you ever used “Kwik Stix“? These are amazing for the kindergarten classroom and perfect for these template projects. Kwik Stix are paint pens that dry in 90 seconds. Your little ones can paint these alphabet pictures at the literacy station, art table or at their own desk/table for independent activity.

As you can see, there are so many uses for this multi-purposeful activity. What other ways can you use these A-Z Animal Art Templates? Let me know your ideas.
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