Breakfast in the classroom may have only started a few years ago, it depends on the district, but I am certain that many schools have implemented this now. No matter what city or neighborhood you live in, there will always be children who come to school hungry, it is just the world we live in. That is why breakfast in the classroom is so important. It is making sure that students have full bellies before they start school, which will encourage their success in school. These tips are incredibly helpful whether you are a veteran to breakfast in the classroom or if this is your first year teaching.

Tips for Breakfast In The Classroom for Kindergarten. Procedures, rules and more.

Breakfast In The Classroom

If you are a parent, you know that some school mornings can be hectic. Things happen, we are human. Regardless of what systems are in place, sometimes children don’t get enough to eat before school. Having breakfast in the classroom ensures that every child, no matter the circumstances, will start the school day off with food in their stomachs.

Expectations From The Cafeteria

Typically, the breakfast is prepared by the cafeteria and taken to the classroom. From my experience, this may include some sort of cereal bar or muffin, a piece of fresh fruit and a drink. Some expectations that I have been expected to follow, or that I have heard from other teachers are:

Managing Breakfast In The Classroom

It is important to have a plan ready before the first day of school, as breakfast will be served on the first day of school. Ensuring that children are given expectations and rules from the first moment is crucial. You can read more about my class management styles and using anchor charts to help teach rules here.

Here are some examples of expectations that you could consider:

A few other ideas may include:

Classroom Jobs

Breakfast in the classroom is the perfect way to add additional classroom jobs. I am a firm believer in classroom jobs, because it gives children a sense of independence and responsibility. Some ideas for classroom jobs related to breakfast include:

While breakfast in the classroom might seem overwhelming and one more thing that you have to incorporate in your day, breakfast is such an important part of a child’s day. I hope these tips on managing breakfast and how your students can be included, will help you with breakfast in your classroom.

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