Are you overwhelmed with all the tasks, ideas, and meetings on your schedule? Do you feel torn between you work life and home life? Here are some Tips For Ensuring A Work Life Balance For Teachers.

As educators, we must plan, schedule and execute many activities during the school day. However, we still must prepare and follow through with the many home life duties as well. How do we maintain a healthy and solid homelife while being the best teacher we can be?

Tip #1 Self-Care

Take time for yourself. Don’t forget to have self-care throughout the year. Make sure you continue to do the things you love to do. Hike, spa treatments, shop, craft, read, etc. Whatever activity lets you relax and is just for you. This will recharge your batteries and make you more productive and effective at school.

Tip #2 Time Management

It is not a requirement and does not make you teacher of the year by being the first one at school and the last to leave every day. Prioritize and prepare ahead for early mornings or after school duties. Avoid burnout by scheduling the extra hours at school.

(See post “Back to School Prep” and “A Real Summer To-Do List For Teachers” for ideas on preparing for the school year ahead of time.)

Tip #3 Add Activities

What?!? Add something else to the ever growing list of things to do? Yes!!! Add an activity you have enjoyed in the past or one you would like to learn. This could be something easy and relaxing, or a highly energetic activity. Having something to focus on other than school can be very cathartic. This will give you a much needed work-life balance.

Tip #4 Letting Go

If you are a new teacher or have been one for many years, you are going to have a bad day. Sorry to let you in on this horrifying truth!! Whether it is a lesson that does not go well, classroom management fails, or any other problem that arises—-Let It Go!! Go home and love on your family, friends, or pets. Tomorrow will be a new day with new challenges and rewards. Remember, you are a teacher and your job is to educate little learners, not take it personally for everything that goes wrong.


These Tips For Ensuring A Work Life Balance For Teachers will give you the impetus to put some boundaries in place thus leaving you more contented and thus much more productive.

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