Summer is finally here!! Yippee!! Students have gone home, the classroom has been packed up, you have finished all the necessary paperwork for the principal, and you have said “Goodbye” to your coworkers. NOW WHAT?!?!

Teachers, this is the real summer to do list that you need! Relax, rejuvenation and preparing for next school year.

Societal pressures say that ‘if you were a dedicated teacher, you would start working on the next year! ‘ Copies need to be made, products purchased, ideas written down…..UHG!!!!! BUT–YOU NEED A BREAK!!!!!!!

You have had a great year (hopefully), a successful year (hopefully), and a very productive year (hopefully). Now you deserve a break.

Take some time to wind down and RELAX!!! You do not have to start working on next year yet! If you do not have vacation plans–what are some things you can do to unwind from this busy school year 2021-2022?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I have compiled a list of fun and relaxing things you can do over the summer.

Schedules Anyone?!?

This is the time to throw your schedule in the trash for a few weeks if you so desire. Sleep in, stay up late, erase your calendar, eat whenever you wish, stay in your pj’s all day, do nothing, do something!!! Take some time to veg out and not think about school, kindergarteners, or calendars for a little while. It will be there when you have recharged and relaxed!!

Vacation or Staycation

Do you have plans for a vacation this year? Visiting family, friends, or going somewhere alone? Are you going to the mountains, beach, city or country? Wherever your vacation takes you, enjoy every minute of it!!! Did not plan an out of town getaway? How about a staycation?!? Go to museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and local tourist spots in your town. Explore your areas hot spots. This could be your “new” type of traveling.

Outdoor Activities

Everybody’s idea of relaxing is different. If you are an active outdoorsy person–go for a long walk in a new place. Check out the local hiking trails. Many YMCA or community centers have summer activities for adults or at least some ideas on where you can go locally to experience the “great outdoors”. Grab your bike and explore!

Arts and Crafts

If you happen to be an artsy craftsy person and your idea of relaxing is creating–head to your local craft/hobby store for supplies and “CREATE AWAY”!! You can learn a new hobby by taking a class at your local craft store.

Bibliophile Suggestions

Those of you who are tried and true bibliophiles, grab a favorite or new book, sit in a comfy chair and read to your heart’s content. Most likely, you did not have much time this past year to read without interruption. SO READ and DON’T FEEL GUILTY!!!! Have you ever joined a book club? This is a great time to gather with like-minded book readers and review books you have never read before. Go to your local library or bookstore for details on current book clubs available and sign up.

Movies and TV

Is there a TV show or movie that has been calling your name? Do you dream about sitting on the couch with your favorite snack and beverage binge watching Netflix? Go right ahead!!! I give you permission!!! No need to feel guilty about taking time to zone out and relax YOUR WAY!!!

Pamper Yourself

Don’t forget to take time to pamper yourself!! How about a spa day? With or without your friends–all day or a few hours–at a local spa or salon, or a do-it-yourself day. Your choice–Just Remember: Take time for yourself to restore and revitalize!!!

After you have taken some time to rejuvenate and decompress after this past school year, getting ready for next year starts becoming a propriety. What are some things you can do to make next year successful?

Book Study

Do a Summer Book Study. You will gain knowledge and expert advice that will be an advantage for next school year. Check out this years book study “Know Better, Do Better” blog post starting June 1, 2022.

Professional Development

Summer is a great time to rack up those continuing education credits. Take a professional development course online or in person at the local college or school. Click here professional development opportunities for kindergarten teachers.

Little Learners Teacher Academy is professional development that you WANT and can REALLY use! You will gain knowledge and practical tools that can easily be implemented. I’ve been there and learned through trial and error. Now I am sharing all of my knowledge, tips, and ideas with YOU! From one Kindergarten Teacher to another.


If you do not have all your teaching files, boxes, supplies, games and materials in a classroom closet at your school, you probably have them in your garage, shed, basement, spare room, or possibly your living room or kitchen. This is the perfect time to go through this plethora of materials and clean out what you need, use or want! But you might say, “HOW DO I GO THROUGH AND ORGANIZE THIS MESS!?!” I have the answer for you!!!! Click here to go to my organization blog post and check out these fabulous organization labels. You will have your materials organized in a jiffy!!!!

What ever you choose to do this summer for relaxation, continuing education, fun or work—just keep in mind that this is Your Summer. You worked hard educating the next generation and deserve a break!! Pay no attention to the naysayers or those who make comments about you only working for 9 months out of the year. And there is no obligation for you to tutor or educated your neighbors child (unless you choose to as a side hustle)!!!!

Join In On The Fun!

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