What do teachers do during summer break? Vacation, rest, read, prepare for next year? Summer jobs? What?!? A summer job?!? Is that even possible for a teacher? After a very busy school year, some teachers take the much needed break and vacay. But some want to take this opportunity to earn a few extra dollars. What seasonal or temporary jobs are available for an educated, degree holding teacher? Here are a few examples of summer jobs for teachers that I have found that may be of interest.

A detailed list of summer jobs for teachers that can help you make some extra money on your weeks off from school.


If you are wanting to utilize your educational degree and work with students, try tutoring. There are several online hiring companies who advertise for tutors. Check it out if this is something that sparks your interest. You could also branch out on your own and tutor through your school district, colleges, charter or private schools. This could be the start of a new business venture for you!

Camp Counselor

Summer camps are always looking for counselors. Most camps are 1-4 weeks long, so you can choose how long you want to work, leaving more time for other activities or jobs. This can give you an opportunity to explore the great outdoors while continuing to educate children. Check out online hiring agencies or local churches, daycares, or private schools.

Online Instructors

There are many opportunities for online instructors in different businesses, schools, and educational platforms. Hiring agencies are a good resource for this type of temporary work that can evolve into a profitable side hustle. You can also look at Facebook groups for resources.

English Language Teacher

This is an often overlooked opportunity for summer employment. Many local community centers offer English language instruction and hire teachers. Check out your local community centers, libraries or a hiring agency for details and prospects.

Adjunct Professors

School districts, colleges, community colleges, and universities often offer summer school teaching positions. Some hiring agencies post for these jobs, but you can also look on the schools job website for summer employment posts. This could also turn into a new career path!

Proofreader or Editor

This could be the most profitable of summer jobs. If you have a degree, computer skills, and basic editing knowledge, this could be for you. This is usually very flexible, and most of time, can be done from your home. Check out employment agencies or online for these job opportunities.

Virtual Assistant

Since you have organizational and communication skills honed from being in the classroom, you are an excellent candidate for a VA-virtual assistant. Many different types of businesses hire VA’s and this could be a chance for you to expand your skills and learn a different enterprise completely.

Start a Business

If you are creative or have an entrepreneurial spirit, look into starting your own business. Teachers Pay Teachers is a great platform to start with if you have the creativity to make a product other teachers would love to buy. If you have a different handmade creative interest, check out ETSY for selling the merchandise you have made.


Here is a compilation of other summer/temporary jobs that do not necessarily require any prerequisites. Most can be very profitable depending on how much you want to work.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitter






There are many different opportunities for summer work depending on your interests and abilities. Don’t forget to think outside your box and you may find a perfect side hustle or a future career enhancement.

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