Are you looking for a meaningful, differentiated, yet fun writing activity? Label A Sticker is a super simple, low prep way to provide a fun and engaging writing activity regardless of the theme. You can have any type of stickers or have stickers available to match a theme or topic, such as holidays.

You’ll know my LOVE for the writing station in the primary classroom! Providing writing opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, as well as multiple options is key to making this literacy station successful. I had a friend, who was a former scrapbooker, gift me hundreds of stickers. This launched Label a Sticker in my classroom. And it quickly became a favorite activity! I love that it allows little learners of all abilities to have success. Whether they are able to write just the beginning sound, a few of the sounds or able to write the word in it’s entirety…every learner can beam with writers pride!

Label A Sticker

What’s Included:


I shared my love of DollarTree stickers and this is how you can use them in the classroom! Intentional, purposeful and FUN! 🤩 #kindergartenchaos #teachersontiktok #backtoschool2022 #literacy

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Applicable Kindergarten Standards:

L.K.1: Print Many Upper & Lowercase Letters

L.K.2.c: Write a letter or letters for most consonant and short-vowel sounds (phonemes)

L.K.2.d: Spell simple words phonetically, drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships

Supplies Needed:

How To Use:

Print the Label A Sticker template and ask little learners to place one sticker in each box. Students will label the stickers (ability based) using a writing utensil.

Where to Get Stickers

I have found excellent stickers at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, JoAnns, Michaels or here on Amazon! But ask friends, family and your students’ families for sticker donations. You will be surprised at what you may get!

What Teachers Are Saying:

“I love that this is a fun and engaging activity that helps students with their phonetic spelling. As a Kindergarten goal, students need these skills, and this is a great way to practice! Great resource!” – Lauren

“Thank you” – Aimee

“Love it” – Melissa

WAIT! Do You Want this Label a Sticker Printable?!

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