It is inevitable. You will have to have a substitute teacher cover your classroom for at least one day at some point during the school year. Whether it is due to illness, vacation or a day off for professional development, you will need a sub. These are my tips and resources for an easy and effective way to prepare for a sub!

It is inevitable that you will need a sub once, so making sure you are ready is an important aspect of planning for your school year. These tips and resources can help!

I always try to prep for a sub day long before I actually need it. For two reasons. First being, if I do have a scheduled day out, I am probably going to be busy so I won’t want the added stress. Second, you don’t always plan to have out days, especially if you have your own children.

Ways To Easily Prepare For A Sub

  1. Be Organized.
    If your classroom is organized and labeled, it will be easier for substitute teachers to find all the things that they may need including nurse passes, classroom money, supplies, manipulatives, etc. (See blog post “Efficient Classroom Organization Of Materials & Activities” and “Printable Labels For Classroom Organization” for ideas.)
  2. Substitute Folder.
    A substitute folder can be kept in a bin, near your desk or on a counter where anyone can find it. Label it. Inside this can include such things as a daily schedule (specials, lunch, recess, etc), class roster (bonus points if there are pictures of students), name tags for students, classroom information, dismissal procedures, a quick run down of classroom procedures, class jobs, etc. Having this ready and letting your team know where it is located can make the morning smooth sailing for everyone, even if your day out was not planned.
  3. Note To Sub.
    If possible, leave a note for the sub. This could include any tips for your specific classroom. Also, leave a blank piece of paper for the sub to write notes to you. Behavior (good and bad), attendance, curriculum concerns and where students left off.
  4. Ready To Go Sub Plans.
    I like to keep sub plans learning focused but simple. It can be difficult to plan for what you are exactly working on that week, so I like to make sure I have learning activities ready that may not be completely relevant, but great for review and perfect for a sub day!

Go to blog “Substitute Teacher Activities For Kindergarten” for more ideas.

Don’t let the idea of this stress you out, I have the perfect solution. These Print and Go Activities can be printed and set aside for the day that you have an expected or unexpected day out. This takes sub prep to a whole new level of easy!

These Print and Go activities can also be used for review. These are all learning focused activities but one that do not have to be prepped, except for printing!

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