Do you have a Calm Down Corner In The Classroom for your little learners? Here are some ideas to create a functional and useful calm down corner for your classroom.

Since classrooms can become pretty rowdy at times, overstimulation can cause some students to have behavioral or focusing difficulties. Having a calming corner for those kiddos to “calm down” and refocus can be extremely beneficial for the entire class.

What is a “Calm Down Corner”?

A calm down corner can be any area of your classroom where a student can go to decompress, get the wiggles out, or simply calm down. Utilizing this sensory strategy is a productive way to support the emotional regulatory needs of small children.

Creating a Calm Down Corner

First, find a corner of the classroom that can be a place for a student to isolate from others, yet still be part of the class. A book nook, library center, or carpet area are good choices to set up a calm down corner.

Next, have a variety of seating available. (See post “The Key Benefits Of Flexible Seating” for seating options.) Some students need movement while others need to lay or sit in order to regulate their emotions and behavior. Cushions, bean bags, rocking or balance chairs/balls, or inflatable chairs are some great seating options.

Lastly, make sure there are several different types of activities available. Some kiddos need body movement to calm down. Playdough, cutting or fine motor skill activity, or building blocks are all hand/body activities that can help a child calm down by exercising the mind/body connections. A jumping mat or small trampoline can also be helpful. Other children need a quiet, very little stimulation area to calm down. Books, lava lamps, or fish tanks are all soothing and relaxing options for your calm down corner. Headphones with low, peaceful music or white noise can be helpful, as well as a weighted blanket.

Screens and other visually stimulating activities are not suggested for a calm down corner because they are alerting and reduce attention span.


Having a Calm Down Corner In The Classroom is advantageous for the whole class. Not only does this provide a designated area for the student to go reset, but also allows for the rest of the class to continue without further interruption.

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